The Ultimate List of Self Care Products: Products that will Make You Happy

Do you have a list of self care products?

We all know how important self care is. I mean, I talk about it here, here, and here.

It’s true, it’s important. It’s not just a cliche thing to say!

The more able we are to take care of ourselves, the more able we are to take care of others.

Really, NOT taking self-care is just…well…selfish!

You go and go and go because you think you can do it all, then you hit this point of burnout where you can’t do anything!

Then you’re just pushing all your problems and issues down until you burst and unload on the next person we encounter!

Just selfish! 🙂

When we really know how to implement self-care into our routines, we are happier overall and so are the people around us.

I have still not mastered self-care. I still struggle to say no. I still want to do it all, and I don’t make time for myself until it’s too late.

It’s nice to have some activities/things handy for those days where you need some self-care, or for squeezing in some much needed me time.

These are things I have come across since I’ve had my blog that I thought would be cool to have around, or that would make me happy.

The Ultimate List of Self Care Products: Products that will Make You Happy

The Ultimate List of Self Care Products_ Products that will Make You Happy (1)


Coloring is so relaxing, and Crayola doesn’t just have things for little kids. Oh, no. They have a whole section of adult coloring that I just drool over.


I am a little obsessed with the Therabox, I’m not gonna lie. I love their products, I love their message, and I love their ideas. It’s the ultimate self care package.

It’s a box that you have delivered to your home, (there are even subscriptions to have a box come each month) that is filled with self-care products like creams, face masks, lotions, journals, etc.

The boxes change every month, but they all include an activity to help rewire your brain for joy and goodies to help promote relaxation and reduce stress. 

Use my code LIVINGTICKLED10 and receive 10% off your first order! 


A massage would be nice, but who can ever afford those? I have only gotten massages through Groupon. That’s the only way to go. And it’s usually only on a special occasion, but still. Groupon is the way to go.Groupon

Self Care Courses

Take a personal development course.

Tony Robbins is one of my favorite self-development teachers and speakers. He has several courses on creating a positive mindset, setting goals, and relationships. He will help you transform your life! You can check him out on YouTube first. has several developmental courses including The Power of Happiness. They have a class for just about everyone. Sign-up and find out what class would be best for you!

Brian Tracy, who is also another great speaker and teacher. He has so many different courses and ebooks that teach how to live the life you’ve always wanted. He has a free Book of Motivational Quotes to Live By

Groupon is another great place to look for self-development courses…cheap!


Crafting Supplies

Who doesn’t like having or buying more craft supplies!? I love all things crafts and dream of having my own craft room one day. I love doing crafts as some self-care/alone time/me time. It’s relaxing and productive.

Some of my favorite craft supplies are as follows: (Also a great place to purchase scrapbooking supplies is from the Superstore!) They often have great deals going on, and if you sign up for their newsletter, you get great emails with coupons.


I love Thickers. I even love saying Thickers. I think they are so fun, and great for other projects, not just scrapbooking!



If you’re like me, you have way too much of “mom’s” paper in your house. But you can’t help it, I know. I love the 12 X 12 collection packs, and usually has them on sale, which is always a plus.

Photo Play Paper - Vintage Girl Collection - 12 x 12 Collection Pack


Let’s not forget this baby! I love this thing. I am quite obsessed with this thing. I can make shirts, custom signs, anything. I once made a card game because it was cheaper than buying it. It can cut anything, and the software is just as cool.

Silhouette America - Cameo Version 3 - Electronic Cutting System

Gratitude Jar

“Gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness. It’s the spark that lights a fire of joy in your soul.†– Amy Collette

Nuff said. Gratitude is perfect for self-care. It can help fire you up about life! Find or make a gratitude jar for your home. We do this around Thanksgiving every year, but would be a great idea to have in your house on a regular basis.

Self Love Workbook

A little bit of self-love never hurt anyone.

Life is Good!  is one of my favorite companies. They just promote positive living and happiness. Whenever I see a Life is Good bummer sticker or shirt, it makes me smile. It’s one of those “happy products”.

Calendars and Planners

Maybe these don’t excite you the way they do me, but I love a good planner, and I love filling one out even more!

Shop Now!

One of my favorite planners is the Day Designer. It comes with stickers, inspirational quotes, and all the to-do lists you can think of.

I love planners and journals, and recently someone introduced the Happy Planner to me. It looks pretty cool. I’m pretty tempted to buy a whole new planner just to check it out. You should check it out for yourself, or let me know if you’ve used it before. I love the vision and message of the company.

Classic Happy Planner® x Rongrong - Slay All Day - 18 Month (2019-2020)

Goal-Getters Playbook

Setting goals is a great way to practice self-care. You’re accomplishing something, working toward something, and planning a way to get where you want to be. The Goal-getters playbook can get you there. You can read my review here.

Goal-getters Playbook

I loved it, and still implement the strategies I learned from it in my own goal setting.

Over 40 Self-care Ideas and Products


Candles are my favorite. Candied Caramel Pecan is my favorite scent or flavor :)! Make your house smell good or light some candles around a bubble bath.

My Positivity Journal

I’d be stupid if I didn’t let you know about my own product. Learn how to create happiness in your life, rewire your brain for positivity, and live your best life with the Positivity Journal.

Positivity Journal

Bucket List Journal

I have always wanted to do a bucket list journal. It just sounds so fun. I have a bucket list in my head, but maybe if I wrote it down, some of the things would start happening. I love lists and I love crossing things off lists!

Inspirational Quote Accessories


I love a good inspirational quote. Buy one and put it on your wall so you can stare at it and feel inspired. 🙂

Here are some good places that have some nice printables:


Etsy- Felix + Felicity Printables

The Happiness Planner Website

Signs/home décor

I love inspiring home décor.

Just walking through Hobby Lobby makes me want to buy the whole store. They always have a 40% off coupon for any regular price item.

Joann Fabrics also has inspirational decor.

JOANN Stores

Bible Journaling

Have you heard of the company Day Spring? They are also pretty cool. They sell bible journals. They also sell bible journal kits with stickers, markers, highlighters, scriptures, affirmations, and lots of other cool gadgets. If you’ve never checked them out, you should.

They also have home decor with inspirational sayings and quotes.

We can’t forget about the spa/bath accessories

Face Masks

I have a love hate relationship with Face Masks. I hate when my face is wet, but I love the cool, smooth feeling of the face masks. I don’t always keep it on for the full suggested time, but it gets the job done.

For some reason, when I’m doing a face mask, it tells my brain that I’m receiving self-care. Haha, there’s just something about it. 

Some of my Favorites:

Cheap. I think cheap is my favorite type of face mask. It doesn’t take much for your skin to feel smooth and cool. I like to get different ones like the charcoal, avocado and lavender. 

I like these fun ones too. This is a great activity to do with your daughter too!

If you’re going for full on skin care, you might want to spend some more money. These come highly recommended:

As a side note: Five Below! If you don’t want to buy them online, go to Five Below. I love that store. We also have a love hate relationship. I love it, but I hate spending too much money. They have cute, cheap, creative face masks.


Who doesn’t like a good lotion?

Okay, there are some people who don’t, but I love it. And I love the good stuff. Not just the smelly good stuff, but the ones that actually make your hands smoother.

Here’s what I use:

I have also used Mary Kay Timewise Moisturizer/lotion. I love it, and it works really well for clearing up dry skin. We actually used it on our son’s eczema and it worked great!

Shaving Cream and Razors

If you’re like me, you shave your legs like once a week, maybe. It’s less during the summer. Don’t judge, it’s work.

When I do shave though, I feel better about myself. It’s a great self-care routine to have. I love a good shaving cream and razor that glides smooth and leaves your legs feeling smooth. (How many times can I use smooth in this post?)

Here’s what I use: (if you have any better suggestions, let me know, I’d love to hear)

I love these razors. I could choose not to use shaving cream if I wanted because they glide so well. I prefer disposable razors.

I also like to pair it with this shaving cream.

Body Wash

I love my body wash. I love a GOOD SMELLING body wash. Some of my favs are coconut, honey and milk, vanilla, and lavender.

I also like to have a body and/or face scrub handy.

Face wipes

I’m a little obsessed with face wipes. If I find one in the store that I haven’t used before, I get it. (if it’s on sale). I think I have a pile of about 10 at home right now. #hoarders

I buy them everywhere. Some of the popular places:

Dollar Tree- These are not as cool as the nice ones, but they get the job done. They will get makeup off, and you can get like 40 for a $1.00. Can’t get better than that.

Ross- Cheap and the higher end kind.

Burlington Coat Factory- Some days I can find a variety pack of 4-5 packs of face wipes for $4.

Five Below- I’m telling you, this store gets the best of me.

If you don’t want to leave your house, here are the ones I’ve used that you can buy online:

I like this brand a lot, It’s called Global Beauty Care. They have all different types and smells. Love it!

Shower speaker

Music is a must when taking a long shower. Sometimes I just stand under the hot water for way to long, jamming to my music. One of my favorite things.

Bath bombs

I haven’t done bath bombs before, but want to try them. I have done some Epsom salts and Lavender bath salts, that I love. Leaves my skin feeling smooth with good vibes.

Bath Caddy

Calling all bath people! I just found this as I was preparing this blog post. This looks awesome, and I could use it in my life. Let me know if you have one of these and if you love it!

Bath towel

I don’t know about you, but I love a good bath towel. I’m not talking about a normal towel, I’m talking about a BATH towel. One of those towels that goes all the way around you without trouble. #bigbooty

And you want the smaller towels for your hair so it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a cat on your head.

It just adds that extra little something to your shower.

Face wash

A good face wash is nice to have. I have acne and sensitive skin that is also dry and oily. I believe they call this combination skin. Haha. I have the worst skin. This is what I use, which was recommend to me by someone who knows what they are talking about.


Then she said to pair it with this moisturizer. I like it, and it’s good if you have acne and combination skin.

Hand masks

This came up when I was looking for my face masks. What!? Idk, but you could always try them.

Shampoo brush

Also a unique find.

I think I would love this because I only wash my hair every 3 days (because its healthy) sometimes 4 (don’t judge), so when I wash it, it comes out in chunks and then proceeds to shed for the next day.

This would help get all those hairs out at once. Plus it looks like it would feel really good.

Water Bottle

I’m going to sound like a hypocrite when I say this, but drink lots of water. I need to take my own advice. Water is so good for you and has many health benefits. 

When I have a water bottle with me all day, and one that I like, I’m more likely to drink out of it.

Here is one I love because I love ice cold water, and this keeps my water cold all day. If my water gets warm, I ain’t drinking it.

I also like these to take with me to work out with lots of ice, of course.


I love a good pair of socks. These are my favorite, and I find that I’m not just wearing them in the winter, but year round. I am always cold, and therefore my feet are always super cold. This are soft and warm and fun!


A personal massager is must have. A person to give you your own personal massage is another must have.

Here are some massagers that I have used and loved in the past, and ones that I found that are cool and would be awesome to try.

It would be best to have someone else to operate this massager.

3 words: A. Maz. Ing.

Facial Massager

Speaking of trying a massager. I found this little gem. Have you ever used it? It says “promotes blood circulation, which can reduce puffiness and wrinkling, it is much helpful to relief pressure, always with a relaxative and graceful mood. Use the best jade roller massager with face cream can help the cream to be absorbed too”

Why not give it a try?


I must admit, I’m a skeptic when it comes to Aromatherapy, but I guess not enough to not put it on this list.

I’ve heard a lot of good reviews. Find out if it works for you.

Rice warmer/heat pad

Love these for those long winter nights or for general aches and pains. Pop that sucker in the microwave real quick and now you have an instant personal heating pad that you can use anywhere.

I sleep with a heating pad. I love being warm. It makes me happy.

You could also make your own, DIY rice heating pad. 


I love blankets. We have too many in our house. I love throw blankets to have in every room of the house.

You could also try out the anxiety, weighted blanket that a lot of people with anxiety seem to love. I have thought about trying it out myself. 

Personalized gifts

I’m a sucker for personalized gifts. Get me a gift with my name on it, inside joke, or something sentimental and I’ll burst into tears. Haha. Here are some great personalized gift ideas and places:

Mad with Love and Sparkle makes great personalized gifts!

Made with Love & Sparkle

Etsy also sells personalized items.


I love looking through magazines. Sometimes I go to Barnes and Nobles just to look through magazines.

Save up to 85% at


Read a good Audiobook! Here is a good list of uplifting and motivational reads!

RB Audiobooks USA LLC

What do you buy for self-care?

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  1. I’ve been using adult colouring books and they have been really relaxing. I use a good face mask, use some scented candles and thats, my self-care night don.

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