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The Goal-Getter Playbook Review: The Goal Setting Planner

Goal-getters Playbook

If you’ve read a lot of my blog you would know that I talk often about planning and planners. I love them. I love making lists and checking things off a list and I love having a plan.

“I love it when a plan comes together.”
– The A-Team

I think that planning and setting goals is extremely beneficial when it comes it your mental health. Having a plan creates less chaos and more productivity, and relieves worry and the burden of throwing things together. You can read more about how I feel about planners here, here, and here.

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So, when I ran into The Goal-Getter Playbook, I knew it was something I wanted and needed in my life. I highly recommend The Goal-Getter Playbook to anyone, but especially anyone who is looking for some more organization and prioritization in their life, someone who wants to set goals and achieve them, or someone searching for something, but isn’t quite sure what that something is. I think this includes JUST ABOUT everyone.

Let me share with you some reasons why I love it and how it helped me in my life.

Why I love The Goal-Getter Playbook

1. Self-awareness

One of the biggest things the Goal-Getter Playbook did for me was help me become more self-aware. I was able to write down and recognize what I wanted, and where I was at financial, physically, and emotionally. It helped me realized what exactly were my dreams, where they were going to take me, how they would change me, and what they would do for me. The first chapter focuses on hashing out what you really want out of life by asking and pondering the right questions.

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2. Solidify Your Goals

After I had all my thoughts and feelings out, I was able to brainstorm my true dreams and then order them by importance to me. I was able to do this because I was able to recognize what was really important to me. It helped me to validate what my TOP goal truly was, what I definitely wanted, and then I could move forward with full force.

A lot of times we have thoughts about things we want and don’t want out of life and maybe we even jot a few things down from time to time, but are we really narrowing those things down, focusing on them, and then going for it? Even if you think you have that one goal in mind, this playbook can answer a definite YES for you, and then help you to move forward with it, without hesitation.

After completing the first 2 chapters I knew that what I wanted was right, and that I was going to go for it.

Slay Your Goals


3. Planner and Goal Review

Once I recognized where I wanted to go, I needed a plan to get there. Chapter 4 is a planner. You break down your goals yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly and then daily. It has enough pages to do it for a whole year. It also includes review pages so you can actually write down and see what you’ve achieved and where to head next. The last chapter helps you look back on your goals and talk about your success, your failures, how you can improve and where to next.

I haven’t completed the playbook since it last a whole year, but I’ve completed the first 3 Chapters which really helped me recognize where I’m at, solidify my goals, and then get back on track to making them a reality.

The one word for this Playbook is Clarity. It brings clarity to your life of what your goals are and the motivation to take action.

Is there anything not to love?

Not really, not about what the playbook can do for you. It is a digital item, so you have to download it, but you can fill it out right on your computer or you can print it. I just printed it little by little and it worked great. You could also print it and have it bounded. The great thing about it being digital is you can download it right away and have it saved on your computer, so you can keep using it year after year.

The planner part doesn’t have pages dedicated to just your daily details. It just has the weekly pages with spaces for each day. So it’s not detailed on a daily level, but if you were to accent a daily planner with this one, you’d be set for life! This planner more focuses on your goals and achieving them specifically. There is space to add your daily to-do lists, you just won’t get a whole page dedicated to it. I use the weekly page as my to-do list for the week.

The Playbook is also pretty. It comes in black and pink, and it’s so easy to use, very straight forward.

Get your Goal-Getter Playbook Today! Don’t wait to start chasing your dreams. Make your dreams a reality. It’s a low cost with an even bigger impact. Learn more here.

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