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The Ultimate Postpartum Kit and Gift Guide for New Moms

The Ultimate postpartum guide for new moms. Postpartum recovery can be hard, but these items can help your recovery be a lot smoother.

Postpartum is kinda as crappy as it sounds. Post-par-tum- it just sounds like death.

It can also feel like death. It’s not fun, but luckily there are things out there to make it easier.

I, luckily, haven’t had horrible experiences, physically, with postpartum.

They haven’t been all pleasant with sunshine’s and roses, but not horrible by any means. No horror stories.

But, that being said, have I peed myself? Yes! Have I crapped myself?!…Just how vulnerable do I want to be today….

My Labors

I have had vaginal births with both my kids. I went into labor with my daughter 2 days after her due date. We were in the grocery store and I started having horrible back and sciatica pain. We went home and I laid in bed while my husband slept until my contractions were close enough together to go to the hospital. 

I was scared to have a baby, but I had great nurses, and they walked me through the whole process. About 6 hours into labor I got the epidural, which was the scariest part for me. I am terrified of being paralyzed. I feel like I’m going to be that 1 in 1,000 people it happens to. About 10 hours after that, it was time to push.

I pushed for 2 and half hours! She was finally born. My epidural was wearing off and I had torn, so I was in a lot of pain. It just felt like my va-jay-jay was on fire! They sewed me up and I was sent to recovery. I recovered pretty quickly. I mean, I walked and sat funny for about a week, but then everything was just sore and bleeding.

My son was pretty similar although we were induced with him, I tore more, so it took longer to heal, and I didn’t have to push as long.

Other than that, my labors have been pretty regular, which makes for a pretty regular recovery.

Postpartum Recovery

I had the usual physical recovery with lots of bleeding, unable to poop, soreness, sitting on a donut, peeing myself, and cramping. (You can read more about my postpartum recovery here.)

Mentally, however, I get all kinds of screwed up.

I’m emotional without having raging hormones, so I’m way worse with them! I get postpartum depression and anxiety, which royal sucks. I still struggle with anxiety, but it has calmed down as my babies get older.

It can be hard to know what to have handy as a new mom, or what to take a new mom after she’s had a baby to aide in the postpartum recovery.

You want a gift to be thoughtful, but useful.

It’s also especially hard when a new mom suffers with the baby blues or postpartum depression.

Sometimes you don’t know what will comfort them, bring them peace, or what they’ll find useful in their recovery. It can be challenging if you’ve never experienced depression. Sometimes new moms don’t even know what will help.

I’ve complied the ultimate postpartum kit. It can also be used as a gift guide to know what to give a new mom. It would be a super cool idea to collect a few of these and put them in a cute basket as a gift.

The Ultimate Postpartum Kit and Gift Guide for New Moms

The Ultimate Postpartum Kit and Gift Guide for New Moms-min

The Postpartum Underwear & Pads

After having a baby you get these really cool undies at the hospital. They are super stretchy and great to hold your gigantic pad in place. You can bleed up to 4 weeks postpartum and you can’t use tampons. The first few days it helps to wear a big pad because you’ll be bleeding heavy. This underwear makes it so you don’t have a lot of pressure- down under. Unfortunately, the hospital won’t let you take a box home. Thankfully, Amazon has something like it. Don’t forget the gigantic pads.

Postpartum Underwear

A Happy Box for the Postpartum Mom

This is a gift that I like to call, the happy box. These boxes contain candies, journals, candles, handmade jewelry, decor, positive quotes, and much more. The two that I would recommend are My Therabox and The Hope Box.

Use my promo code LIVINGTICKLED10 to receive 10% off your first order with Therabox! 

They come with several different options and you can personalize them. These are a great choice as a gift, especially if you want to give a variety of things. Getting this in the mail would have brightened my day. And it’s a gift that keeps giving days after they receive it.

You could also sign her (or yourself) up for a subscription to a gift box. These ones are done by Eccentric Mom. They have boxes through every month of pregnancy up until age 4.

There are also some options for getting FREE boxes shipped to your house. Here are a list of some FREE products for new and expecting moms.


I am a huge journal-er. I got lots of feelings and I have to write them all down.

It’s very therapeutic to write down your thoughts and feelings everyday. It’s very good for someone who suffers from baby blues or postpartum depression as well.

Or, even just a new mom with a newborn. SO. MANY. EMOTIONS.

Getting a journal is a great encouragement. Plus everyone likes to write in a NEW journal.

These type of journals are my favorite. They’re easy to write in because of the spiral. It’s compact enough to take with you, but not so small that you feel like you’re writing 6 words a page. I think I have two of these journals.

Spa Basket

Epsom salts are a must to soak in after giving birth, so make sure you have some of those handy.

As a gift, make a spa basket with Epsom salt, (these are my favorite brand, and they’re cheap) bubbles (who doesn’t like a bubble bath), lotion, (again my favorite brand) bath salts, body wash, nail files, and a nice nail polish.

Give yourself permission to take a me-day, or me-hour.

As an additional gift, you could sit with their baby for an hour while they take a hot bath.

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A Personalized Postpartum Gift Basket

Personalized gifts are just so…personal. With DIY gift baskets you can design your own gift basket. They have ones for every occasion already made up, so you can choose one of those, or create your own. Made with Love & Sparkle

Breast Pads

If you are nursing, a great thing to have, and possibly give as a gift, are breast pads. You can buy these disposable kind. This is the brand I like. I feel like you can’t buy the cheap ones because I always seemed to link through.

Or you can get some reusable, washable ones that are also pretty cute.

breast pads


Use my promo code BREASTPADS01 and get 10 free at

This makes for a unique gift. Super cute!

Nursing Bra

Also, if you’re nursing, a nursing bra is a MUST! I don’t know if I would buy a nursing bra for someone, but definitely get one yourself. They are life savers! Makes it easy to nurse in public and not have to remove all your clothing before feeding your baby. These are the kind I like the most, they’re comfortable and have easy access. I used those exact ones and loved them. They’re pretty cheap at Wal-Mart.

Nipple Cream

Protect those nipples with some smoothing nipple cream! They can get pretty sore and raw. I love this stuff, and it’s safe for the baby.

A good gift idea is to make a breastfeeding basket with all the breastfeeding essentials: breast pads, nipple cream, nursing cover, nipple shields, bottles, pacificers, etc…

Get a FREE nursing cover at with promo code LIVINGTICKLEDCOVER at, just pay shipping. 

Postpartum Chocolate

Chocolate always makes you feel better.

Bring a big candy bar, or a basket of candy bars, OR a bunch of different candy bars with cute little sayings. Like “You bring a lot of JOY into my life” for an Almond Joy. Corny? Maybe. But, effective.

Or you could do dove chocolates, those already have sayings on them. It’s like opening a fortune cookie.

PJs or Cute Maternity Clothes

There is a 90% chance that you’re going to be in your pj’s 6 days a week after giving birth.

Buy some cute, comfy pj’s that you’ll (or she’ll) be excited to wear.

Also, chances are (besides the numbered few) you won’t fit right back into your regular clothes yet. 

Get some cute transitional maternity clothes. These simple maternity tops are some of my favorite. Simple, comfortable, and affordable.

Maternity Tops

A really useful thing to have handy in your postpartum kit, or gift basket, or even before having the baby is a maternity band.

Use my promo code BELLYBAND40 and get 2 belly bands free at

Belly band


Getting Ready Basket

There might be another high percentage of no showers during the week after having a baby.

Put together a getting-ready-fast-basket. This could entail dry shampoo, wipes (the good kind), body spray, hair spray, bobby pins or hair ties, and mouth wash.

You can smell fresh and clean without actually taking the time.

Another great gift basket idea!


Inspirational Quotes/Printables

Give your new mama some inspiration.

You could get her a cute t-shirt, quote, or printable with some inspiring words.

You can find some of my favorite quotes here.

You can also visit my friend Katherine’s Etsy shop, where she makes great printables, Felix and Felicity

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Postpartum Peri Bottle

This little bottle is A-MAZ-ING. It’s like your own little personal bidet.

It’s impossible to wipe or clean yourself because, you know!

Have this bottle handy. They give you one at the hospital, but it never hurts to have more!


Nothing brightens your mood like a nice aroma around the house.

You will probably be spending a lot of time inside.

Candles make a great gift and a great thing to have in a postpartum kit.

This is THE BEST candle EVER! But seriously. If someone brought me this candle, it would make my day!

Better Homes Candied Caramel Pecan CandleLearn More

Pain Relieving Spray

Another MUST, another lifesaver, and another A-MAZ-ING thing. Pain relieving spray. Takes away the burn, the itch, and the sting from your lady parts!

Make a Playlist

Another great gift idea: a playlist.

You could make a playlist and put it on a CD. Or, if you don’t know what a CD is, make a playlist on YouTube, Pandora, or iTunes and share it.

She’ll probably have a lot of down time feeding the baby, some uplifting tunes would be perfect. Listening to a song coming from a friend always means that much more.

Book or Movie

Whenever I get to my last few weeks of being pregnant, I ask for movie and book recommendations. Because you will have several hours of feedings and being up all night, you need to fill the time and keep yourself awake.

A good book or movie is perfect. And I am not saying to go out and buy the best parenting book out there, blah. Get an inspiring, uplifting, or exciting book. Here is a list of some of those awesome, inspiring books.

An Adult Coloring Book

An adult coloring book, It’s relaxing, relieves stress, and it’s fun! What more could you want? Also include some cute pens, markers, or sharpies (my fave). Again, there will be down time. At least coloring feels productive and doesn’t take much brain power for a sleepy mother.

Sharpies are the best, but you have to get the fine point for the adult color books. They work much better!

Fine Point SharpiesLearn More

A Meal Plan

One of the harder things to do with a newborn is plan and cook meals.

Before the baby comes, you could make a bunch of freezer meals.


Your friends could bring over some meal plan printables, make a meal plan, make some freezer meals for a week, do her grocery shopping. Anything to take off the stress of having to feed the family.



A cool gift idea is finding clever ways to provide your time.

You have to be considerate of a new mom’s needs, but visit her and just chat.

I loved when people came to visit me and see the baby. There are some moms who like to wait until the baby is a certain age, so be sure to be considerate of that.

You could also provide a time to watch the baby while she showers, or sleeps. You could make little coupons for her that say “I owe you 2 hours of babysitting”. Then she could cash them in whenever she wanted to or really needed to. Just being a friend and letting her know you are there, is HUGE and does more than you know. Even if it’s just a text. 

I hope you found this helpful. If you did, please share on Pinterest.

What’s a must in your postpartum kit?!

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