10 Things to AVOID when You're feeling Depressed-min

10 Things to AVOID when You’re feeling Depressed

Learn the things you should avoid if you are feeling depressed.

Getting stuck in the depression cycle or in a depressive episode is the worst.

It can be very disabling and turn into a depression spiral which becomes a habit and more of a lifestyle instead of a temporary thing that lasts a few days to a week.

Now, This is different than feeling down or having a bad day here and there. If that’s the case read here, sometimes we all NEED bad days.

But if you are caught in the endless depression cycle, here are things to AVOID to help you get out of your funk:

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10 Things to AVOID when You're feeling Depressed (1)-min

Things to Avoid when You’re Depressed

Watching Depressing Movies or TV shows or The NEWS

If you’re having a bad day and need a good cry, maybe watch a sad movie or show to cry it out, but if you are depressed, don’t. do. It.!

I’ve done it, and it only makes things worse.

Not only are you depressed about your own life, but now new things have been brought to your attention to worry about!

And you just don’t need that! Also, the news! There is so much sadness in the news. Disconnect from the world for a day or two.

Over eating. Over eating makes me feel good…said no one ever!

When you’re depressed, you might have the urge to eat everything in sight to feed your emotions.

But we all know this never works. Try eating healthy for the day and do some exercise or go on a walk. You’d be surprised how much better you feel emotionally when you take care of yourself physically.

Staying inside all day barricading yourself in your room with your own thoughts

The first thing I want to do when I’m depressed is be alone, but try to resist this urge.

It might take everything you have, but don’t stay inside all day.

Plan a day out or if you can’t plan to make a phone call to an old friend or call your mom.

You may not feel like making that call, but you always feel better after you do it. Take your kids to a park, or go on a walk. Just get out! Even if it’s sitting on the porch.

Don’t stay in bed if you’re depressed

Don’t stay in bed till noon.

Try to plan something early in the morning with someone else so that you’re accountable for getting up.

Or plan to make nice breakfast to try and motivate yourself to get out of bed.

You’ll be grateful you did. I always feel crappier when I stay in bed late and then realize I’m a failure who has wasted the day away.

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Staying in your PJs


Resist the urge to not get dressed.

It is so easy to just stay in PJs especially if you work from home, taking care of kids, or off work for the day.

But get ready for the day, shower, brush your teeth, do your make-up, even if you aren’t going anywhere. (but you should go somewhere). 

Browsing FB or Social Media


Where can I go online to compare my worst to everyone’s best?

Comparing is the thief of Joy. Don’t do it. Your social media time is best spent elsewhere. Turn off your notifications for a day or two, pick up a book instead.


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Listening to depressing music

Don’t go blasting Total Eclipse of the Heart.

Find some uplifting music or podcasts to listen to.

Blast Roar by Katy Perry.

Find a good song to wake up to, play music while you’re cleaning the house. Feed your positivity not your negativity.

Doing the things that stress you out.

If budgeting stresses you, as it does me, don’t budget today!

Stay away from those things you know will just create stress in your life. I know we can’t neglect our responsibilities, we’re still adults, but for one day, it’ll be okay.

Making a to-do list


Stop thinking about all the things you have to get done, just for one day.

Feeling overwhelmed by everything that you have to get done is good for nobody!

If you HAVE to make a list, like me. Pick 2 things that you know you can get done and leave the rest alone.

Beating yourself up

This is probably the hardest one.

One of the reasons I get stuck in my depression cycle is because I  beat myself up.

I’m not pretty enough, smart enough, or successful enough.

I’m not a good friend, mom, or wife.

Why can’t I just be happy? Whatever you think, I’ve thought it too.

Try to push those negative thoughts out.

Anytime you have a bad/negative thought, replace it with a positive one.

Write down things you like about yourself, or what you know other’s like about you. Ask your significant other what is their favorite thing about you? Fish for a compliment from close family or friends. Anything to change your thought process. You can do this!!!

What things do you avoid to keep your depression at bay? Or have you done one of these that has worked for you? I want to hear it!

10 Things to avoid when you're feeling depressed-min

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