8 Bloggers and Blogs to Help you Grow Your Blog (2)

8 Bloggers and Blogs to Help you Grow Your Blog

8 Bloggers and Blogs to Help you Grow Your Blog (1)


As a blogger, especially a new blogger, you constantly have questions.

How do I increase my traffic?

Where do I get free stock photos?

How do I figure out Pinterest when it changes the rules 5,000 times?

What the heck is a tribe?

And the internet is overloaded with rich quick schemes and scams.

Who do you trust?

Do you invest in a course?

How can you get help?

And the information can be soo overwhelming!


Do this, but not that.

Do that, but not this.

Information is contradicting and sometimes confusing.

And then!

What if you invest in a class and it sucks? Now, you’ve wasted all that money!

I am not a risk taker. I can’t impulse buy, and even after I’ve decided I want to buy something, (that’s more than $40) I second guess myself.

I have to do research, I have to trust what I’m buying and who I’m buying from.

Well, if you, like me, have had blogger overwhelm, I’m here to help.

I started my blog almost a year ago. I currently work full-time in a doctor’s office and I’m a mother of 2 little kiddos, so my growth pace hasn’t been as fast as I would like.

However, I hit over 10,000 views this month. I made my first $500 a couple months ago, and I’m starting to bring in money from ads every day. I’m coming out with my first product this Summer.

It’s a great feeling seeing everything finally paying off from all the hard work and sleepless nights! (Trust me, I know!)

But I haven’t done it alone. I have met some amazing people along the way that have helped me tremendously.

I’ve bought courses from some of them, want to buy courses from others (gotta save that money), but ALL of them have helped me out by offering some type of FREE information, advice, and resources!

Side Note: It’s important to become involved and engrossed in the blogger community. It will help you reach your goals faster. The blogging community is so supportive and most people are willing to help out. I’ve met some great people and had some wonderful experiences.

8 Bloggers and Blogs to Help you Grow Your Blog

How to Start a Blog with the Right information

1. McKinzie from Moms Make Cents

McKinzie is a mom who teaches other moms about how to make their own mom blog. She has so many helpful FREE articles, posts, and guides to help you get started.

I took a FREE mini Pinterest course from her that I really liked. She has a Pinterest course called Pins to Profits that I would love to take one day. She also likes to do giveaways.

I am part of her Facebook group called Blogging Newbs. I highly recommend becoming a part of her group. You can do that here. You’ll have to subscribe to her, but do it, you’ll be glad you did.

The group is helpful because she has promo days so you can promote recent blog posts and products, collaboration days to find others to work with, and one of my favorite days is feedback days so you can get opinions and advice about some of your recent work.

McKinzie is super nice, honest, and real. She responds to emails quickly and is so helpful! She makes enough money monthly that her husband was able to quit his job.

2. Elna from Twins Mommy

Elna is a blogging guru. She first started a blog about freelance writing (which I have also subscribed to) where she teaches people how to make money doing their own freelance writing.

Then she started Twins Mommy to help other moms learn how to start a blog. She also has 2 other blogs called Imperfectly Perfect Mama and Smart Mom Ideas and is working on making more.

She applies the same strategies she teaches to each of these blogs and it works every time.

I took her Ready, Set, Blogging for Traffic Course, which I love. You can read my review of her course here. This course was one of the courses that really got my blog off the ground. The information in there is gold.

I started Tailwind and purchased Ready, Set, Blog for Traffic and Pinterest Avalanche Course (2)


I used 3 tools to really get my traffic going (as shown above: Tailwind, Ready, Set, Blog for Traffic Course and Pinterest Avalanche) and Elna’s course was one of them.

The course doesn’t just cover one media, like Pinterest. It shows other ways to get traffic, especially as a new blogger.

The course contains lists of Facebook groups, Pinterest groups, and website resources, which is all well worth the price. I often refer back to it, and she keeps adding to it. You have the access for a lifetime. AND it doesn’t brake the bank.

She also has a Facebook group that I LOVE. It’s one of  groups that I refer to and ask questions…a lot. Everyone is so supportive and helpful. She is always willing to help out and has responded to many of my emails with great advice.

Alex and Lauren at Create and Go (2)3. Lauren and Alex from Create and Go

I have now taken 3 of Create and Go’s courses:

How to Launch Your Blog Course
Pinterest Avalanche Course
Make Money Blogging for Beginners

The owners, Lauren and Alex, gave me the motivation to start my blog.

I wanted to start a blog 4 years ago! 4 YEARS! But didn’t have the confidence or motivation to do it. Lauren and Alex made me feel like I could do it! They are so encouraging, helpful, and down to earth. And most of all, genuine. You get a real genuine feeling from them that you don’t get with a lot of big, popular blog teachers.

They make over 100,000 dollars a MONTH! Which is crazy, but they teach you exactly how to do it.

I took their How to Start a Blog course and got my blog up and running in 4 weeks.

I also took their Pinterest Avalanche course that helped me increase my page views by 90% and Pinterest is now my main source of traffic. I’ll just put this right here again:

I started Tailwind and purchased Ready, Set, Blog for Traffic and Pinterest Avalanche Course (2)

The last course I took from them was the How to Make Money Blogging. I learned how to make my first $1.50 from Affiliate Marketing with Amazon within the first 2 weeks of monetizing my blog. It may not seem like a lot, but when you make your first dollar it’s amazing!

They also have Facebook groups for each class with all the other people who are also taking the course. It’s so helpful because if you have any questions at all as you’re going through the course, there is support!

Meera-5_About4. Meera Kothand at MeeraKothand.com

Meera is the email guru of the online world!

She has changed the way I look at emails and using them as a marketing tool and engaging with my audience. 

I have learned so much from her just by signing up for her emails. She shares her most valuable stuff with her email list. I recently bought her email template packet, which is amazing. So much gold in it. 

I really want to buy her email course Profitable Email System but I just don’t have the money for it yet.

She is one of the sweetest people. I get excited when I see her emails in my inbox because I know I’ll learn something new. She holds free webinars and Facebook Lives, which are so helpful.

Meera just became a six-figure blogger and I’m sure she’ll only continue to grow! 

5. Suzi from Start a Mom Blog

Suzi is a huge inspiration. She’s a work-at-home mom of 3 kids. (blogger, of course). She makes enough money monthly that her husband was able to quit his corporate job and stay at home. They now work on their blog together full-time. She is very sweet and caring.

She does so many free challenges, lives, videos, and her posts are filled with information. She has several classes to learn just about anything you want to about blogging.


A Blog by Number
Niche by Number
List by Number
Theme by Number
eBook by Number
Course by Number

The list goes on. You can learn more here.

I really want to take her Course by Number course. I would love to learn how to make my own course, but am clueless as to how. I’ve been eyeing that course for a while….ah! one day!

6. Cate Rosales at Sweet and Simple Life

Cate is another genuine blogger. She speaks the truth. She is a full-time blogger and mommy. She has a blogging and Pinterest course. 

I have often found myself just wandering around on her website learning new things. Her emails are also full of good information, resources, and deals.

She also talks a lot about what it’s like to be a mommy and full-time blogger, which is extremely insightful because I want to be there one day. I have learned a lot from her when it comes to sponsored posts because that is one of her sources of income. 

You can work with Cate by scheduling a strategy session with her. I would love to chat the breeze with her one day and learn more about how I can improve my blog. 

7. Sarah Titus at SarahTitus.com

An inspirational blogger. If you’re looking for an inspiring underdog story, Sarah’s got one for you. She went from homeless, single mom to full-time blogger making almost $500,000 a month! A MONTH! That’s insane.

She sells a lot of her own products including binders and printables. I would love to take her How to Create Printables Course because I would love to create printables for my blog one day. She makes most of her money from her Shopify store.

She is so helpful and always responds fast to my emails and questions. I look forward to getting her emails, not only are they inspiring, but she gives out FREE stuff all the time. I’m surprised she makes any money. haha. If I need a blog uplift, I go to her blog.

convertkit-stacked8. Isa at Convertkit

I am a huge fan of Convertkit. I use them for my email service, and I only pay $30 a month. The customer service is amazing and everything is user friendly. If you don’t understand something, they have a video for it.

Not only do I pay them for a service, but they provide so many opportunities to learn and grow. Isa works over at Convertkit and she does live seminars all the time and sends emails with great information and resources.

Converkit also likes to run challenges and contests, which I love. They provide help and support along the way.

Blogging is not easy, but asking the right people for help can make it so much easier. You could reach out to any of them today and I know they’d be willing to help!

Good luck in your blogging journey, you can do it!

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