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43 Positive Affirmations for Moms with Anxiety

43 Affirmations for moms with anxiety

What are Affirmations?

Anything and everything that we SAY continuously to ourselves in our thoughts or out loud is considered an affirmation.

We have over 50,000 thoughts per day.

That’s crazy! Our brain is constantly going, whether we want it to or not!

Those thoughts influence everything we do, think, say, and feel. Choosing which affirmations, or thoughts to keep in your head, can make a big difference in your life.

If every time I look in the mirror, I think “I’m ugly”, then eventually I’m going to think of myself as…well, ugly. But if I choose to see the beauty and tell myself “I’m pretty”, then I’ll start to think of myself as pretty.

If we are constantly filling our heads with negative thoughts, we act negatively.

“Our lives move in the direction of our most dominant thoughts!” -Steve Rizzo

This gives new meaning to the phrase, “you are what you think”!

We can let our thoughts consume us, if we let them, for the good or the bad. But regardless, we will take our lives in the direction we are thinking!

This is no different for anxious thoughts or anxious ways of thinking. If you can control your thoughts, there is a good chance you can control your anxiety, or at least learn ways to cope with anxiety. 

Am I saying this is the “end all” of curing anxiety? No, #iwishitwerethateasy, I believe medication, a good support system, therapy, and learning ways to cope with anxiety all play an important role in managing anxiety.

Applying affirmations in my own life has helped me to manage my worries and anxieties. Learning to discipline your thoughts takes time and effort, but is well worth it!

Invest in your mental health!

I have compiled some positive affirmations for anxious mothers, and ones that I have used and continue to use daily.

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If you can take control of your thoughts and your thinking, you take control of your life.

I often use these affirmations to reassure myself.

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43 Daily Affirmations for Anxious Mothers

It’s okay that I’m not perfect.

It’s okay if my baby cries, that is how they communicate.

It’s okay to take time for myself.

No one knows how to mother my children better than me.

I will not let my worry consume me.

My child is okay. He/she is safe.

My baby doesn’t need me to be perfect. He/she just needs me to do my best. 

I am aware of my child’s needs.

I am important to my child.

I am doing important work.

I am valued by my children.

I am raising the next generation. 

Sometimes my baby has to cry to learn.

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Sometimes my baby has to fall to learn to get back up.

I can fulfill my kids needs.

I am doing my best.

It’s okay to take a moment to breathe.

I can do this! 

I can think through the situation.

I am a powerful mom.

It’s okay to say no. 

I choose calm over anxiety.

Worrying about what happened in the past isn’t going to change it.

I choose my life path.

I choose to be happy.

Breathe, Just breathe. I can breathe myself through this.

I am not alone. 

I have people who love me.

I can only do my best and will let the rest go.

It’s okay to cry.

I’m crying, but I’m okay.

I can forgive myself for my mistakes.

I can be better today than I was yesterday.

I am super mom.

I don’t want to be anyone but me.

My kids only need ME as their mom.

I am the best mom for my kids.

I can help my kids.

I am there for my kids.

My kids know that I love them.

Even though I feel overwhelmed, I can do this.

I’m a good mom.

I love my kids.

Affirmations for the Anxious Mom

What To Do With These Affirmations?

Affirmations are only helpful if you are using them on a consistent basis. Like waking up everyday and saying to yourself “Today is going to be a great day”, chances are it’s going to be a great day!

I encourage you to pick a few affirmations from this list, or make you’re own list.

You could make your own list by thinking of a few phrases that you repeat to yourself throughout the day to help you make it through the hard times.

Everyday pick 2-3 affirmations from that list to help you conquer the day!

Place them on the mirror or in a place you will see them all day. Refer to them often, at least 3x a day. A good schedule is breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

When those anxieties arise, it will be easier to conquer them because you have prepared your mind! Also apply them when the anxiety hits.

It might sound really simple, but it works! #itworksforme Our minds are powerful tools! 

Remind yourself that you. can. do. this! Cause you can!

Check out my affirmations download here.

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