Life is Hard; 9 Ways to Kick Life’s Butt


Life is HardFinding out that life is hard…is well… hard!

It’s tough when you come to that realization that life was never meant to be easy. It took me forever to realize this. It was an endless cycle of life slapping me in the face again and again before I thought “hmmm, maybe life will always be hard.”

It’s like when your toddler has a toy that they repeated smack themselves in the head with, and proceed to continue doing it even though it hurts and they are screaming. (Oh, your kids don’t do that?) They even look at you like you must be the cause of their agony. You try to teach them, but they just don’t get it. That was me and life!
Life is Hard

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Sometimes life just sucks. There are just times in life, where you just look around and think “this sucks”. It happens and it happens to everyone! The problem is that it will most likely happen again. Because, that’s life. The sooner we accept this and can move on, the happier our lives will be.

The one good thing about life being hard is that it’s hard for EVERYBODY. No matter who you are. You are not alone. We all have struggles and we all have trials.

I think Mathew McConaughey says it best:

“Life is not easy. It is not. Don’t try to make it that way. Life is not fair, it never was, it isn’t now, and it won’t ever be. Do not fall into the trap. The entitlement trap, of feeling like you’re a victim. You are not. Get over it and get on with it.”

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How do we accept that life is hard; How do we kick life’s butt:

  1. Don’t compare yourself.

    No one is spared from life’s heartbreaks, frustrations, lies, struggles, or hardships, so before you start comparing your worst to someone else’s best, don’t! We were all given different struggles, and we all have them. Comparison is the thief of joy. Comparing yourself to others only holds you back. You are amazing just the way you are!

  2. It’s okay if life is hard.

    Life is all about growing. Life is meant to be hard. If life is hard, it’s giving us the opportunity to become better, smarter, stronger, and humble. So reassure yourself that it’s okay if life is hard. We have to be able to see the good, even though it’s hard. And, it’s okay to have bad days.

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  3. Ask yourself, What is there to learn from this?

    When I look back, some of my hardest times in life, were also the times that I learned the most about my Savior, myself, and how to comfort others. Those are the small blessings in disguise. Look for them, they’re there. Learn from your mistakes and hardships. Ask yourself while you’re going through a hard time, what can you learn from this? How can I become better? What can I learn from my failures? And, if you have a hard time figuring that out, ask God.

  4. What’s your why?

    Why do you do the things you do? What motivates you everyday? If you don’t know, figure that out. What makes you happy? What do you enjoy? What do you want to accomplish? Figure this out and then go after it with all you have, and fight for it. Give yourself meaning and purpose. This makes life more enjoyable and worth while. Be anxiously engaged in a good cause. Make the world a better place because you are in it!

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  5. Serving others.

    Giving service is one of the best ways to find yourself, get perspective, and find the joy in life. We should be helping others out because life is just as hard for them. Find opportunities to help your family, friends, and community.

  6. Setting expectations.

    Don’t act or feel entitled. Don’t feel like life owes you something. Because it doesn’t. Work hard for what you want outta life, and life will reciprocate. Nothing comes easy and success doesn’t come without hard work. Set the right expectations for life, so your not constantly disappointed.

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  7. Find joy in little things

    Life gives us little things to be thankful for everyday. You just have to look for them! Maybe it’s that your toddler slept in an extra hour, or you somehow got all the laundry put away. Try to find joy in the ordinary. It will make your life that much richer.

  8. Living Everyday to the fullest.

    Don’t linger in the past or live for the future. Live for the now. What do you love now!? There is something to love and be grateful for, today! Don’t get in the mindset of “I’ll be happy when…” because you won’t! Live for today.

  9. Rely on God.

    The tender mercies of the Lord are never-ceasing. He knows how hard life is! He blesses us every day. He is there for us every day. He can give us strength in our trials. Rely on Him, everyday. Ask for help from Him everyday because we need His help. We need added strength to make it through this hard life!

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Try just taking one of these things to work on, and you’d be surprised the difference it can make in your life! Life can be hard, but it can also be beautiful! 

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