Vision Board Challenge Week#2; My goal of making $200

Vision Board Week #2

Vision Board ChallengeHello! I am in week #2 of my vision board challenge. I believe in the theory creating a vision board of our goals helps us achieve those goals. The chance of us reaching our goals increases. I decided to put this theory to the test with the goal of making $200 extra within a month (or 4 weeks).

This week went a little better than last, but still with little progress.

What Happened:

  1. I had to move my “vision board” aka check from it’s original spot because I got so use to seeing it every day, Vision Board Challenge #2that I didn’t see it! If that makes any sense. It’s now on our mirror.
  2. I got a raise. HA!? What!? Crazy. Would I have gotten the raise even if I didn’t have this goal, most likely. Coincidence? Probably. (considering raises come at the same time each year) OR is the universe bringing it to me because I’m putting the vibes out! Haha. It’s not even enough to write home about. Just an extra $25.00 a month. So $25 down, Only $175 to go.
  3. We went through all our DVDs to separate out the ones we would try and sell online to one of those DVD collecting places. (I don’t know what they’re called). After all the research it tallied up to $5.48. FIVE DOLLARS. I was putting all my money in that basket! That was a BUST! Don’t waste your time on that!

So after a week of nothing but a measly $25.00 and a DVD Bust. We went back to the drawing board.

Vision Board ChallengeMy Next goals:

  1. My husband signed up for TaskRabbit. Where you sign up to go help people perform a task, and they pay you. Sounds great to me!
  2. Couch digging, or go buy a metal detector! haha (not really)
  3. Brainstorm more ideas cause we haven’t thought of enough to finish this blog post. I think we will write our ideas on the mirror so we see them everyday as well.

The Vision Board:

I don’t feel like the vision board has made much of a difference yet. But now that it’s in a new spot, we shall see!

We are half way there, but not halfway to our goal. We really need to go back to the drawing board this week! Any ideas? Send them my way!

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