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The Top 17 Gifts for Runners

Do you have a runner friend, husband, wife, sister, brother, but aren’t quite sure what to get them?

It can be tricky buying for other runners because some of them are very picky and like to pick out their own stuff. I will say this, do not buy their shoes. That’s a huge no-no. Runners want to pick their own shoes.

Or are YOU a runner and not sure what is the next best thing for runners?

Well, you’re both in luck because I’ve compiled a list of all the cool things you could ever want as a runner. 

 The Top 17 Gifts for Runners

The Top 17 Gifts For Runners

1. Tracking Journal

As a runner, I love tracking my progress to see how far I’ve come, what’s worked for me, and what goals to achieve.

ProFit Workout JournalLearn More

This journal is for working out, just in general. But it has so much information that you could chart, your cardio, your strength, what you’ve eaten, your schedule. It’s almost like a planner.

Running JournalLearn More

This journal is more geared toward just running. You can track how far you’ve run, how it went, your time, and goals.

2. Running Shirt/Tank

You can never have too many shirts as a runner. They get old they get dirty and they get stinky! So, the more the merrier. Here are some of my favorite funny running shirts “serious” running shirts.

If You See Me Collapse Pause My Watch ShirtLearn More

This is my favorite funny shirt because it’s SO true! I don’t let my watch run for anything!

Shut Up! I’m Not Almost There!Learn More

Those are the worst words to say to a runner, unless the finish line is 1 foot away!

Everything Hurts and I’m DyingLearn More

No truer words were spoken.

World’s Okayest RunnerLearn More

Slow Runners make Fast Runners Look Good, You’re Welcome.Learn More

I run because I really like Food

Learn More

Nike’s Dri Fit Running ShirtLearn More

Nike’s Dri Fit Running ShirtLearn More

Dri fit is the way to go when it comes to running. They’re light weight, keep you cool, and last longer than running with a cotton shirt. (unless it’s funny).

3. Socks

You have to be careful with socks, some runners are picky. BUT if you buy some nice ones, most of the time, you can’t go wrong. You also can’t have too many socks. I hear the dryer eats them! I have had good results with both of the following brands. 

Saucony Running Socks
Learn More

Asics SocksLearn More

4. Gift Card to Academy or other sports stores

You might think this is a cop-out, but it’s not. Runners love buying stuff for their running obsession. Find out their favorite running store to shop and get them a gift card. Especially if they buy their shoes there, any discount off shoes is a great gift.


5. Watch Band

There are a lot of runners with smart watches and most of them have interchangeable bands. The fit bit and the Apple watch I know for sure have bands. I don’t run with a fancy watch, I use the MapMyRun app on my phone. Here are 2 different bands. I just picked 2 that I would like if I had those watches, but there are so many different colors and types. 

 Fit Bit Watch BandLearn More

Apple Smart Watch BandLearn More

6. Head bands

You also can’t have too many head bands as a runner. There are winter headbands, sweat headbands and hair headbands for girls to keep their hair out of their face. I have tried all of these and all have been great! I highly recommend the warm head band because my ears are the first thing to get cold when I’m running. 

Cotton Head BandLearn More

I like these a lot because they aren’t tight around my head. They’re loose and super stretchy.

Nike Head BandsLearn More

These are great for when your hair is all over the place and you really want to keep it down and out of your face.

Warm Head BandLearn More

Keeps your ears warm and the sweat out of your eyes

7. Gloves

If you run during the winter, you’re going to want a pair of gloves. These also get dirty and old pretty quickly, so you could always use a spare pair. They help keep you warm and are light and fitting. 

Running GlovesLearn More

8. Running Water Bottle

Some runners like to run with water, especially if they are known for long distances. There is one that you can hold around your hand and one you can wear around your waist. It’s really just the runners preference. 

 Running Water BottleLearn More

Running Waist WaterLearn More

9. Head Phones

Cordless, bluetooth headphones are the next best thing. These are something I really want. You can buy the cheap brand or the Airpods, which are pricey, but definitely what I want!

 Cordless, Bluetooth HeadphonesLearn More

These are nice, but on the cheaper end.

Air PodsLearn More

So nice, but also so Expensive

10. Massage Sandals

I LOVE these sandals. These are what I like to call massage sandals. If you have calluses, these sandals feel so great on your feet. If you don’t they hurt. BUT as a runner you get calluses, and after a long run or race, these feel AMAZING!

Adidas Sports SandalsLearn More

11. Foam Roller

Speaking of massage…Foal Rollers! Runners are constantly sore and often need to massage out their muscles. Foam rollers are a good self massage tool, that works! 

 Foam RollerLearn More

12. Stretch Bands

You can’t stretch too much as a runner! Stretching bands are a huge help, especially if you don’t have someone around to help you with those tough stretches. 

 Stretching BandsLearn More

13. Medicine Ball

A Medicine Ball for those cross training and strengthening days. Having strength days is so good as a runner! 

 Medicine BallsLearn More

14. Mugs

Who doesn’t like a good mug? Well, runners will enjoy a running mug even more than a normal mug! Here are some of my favorites.

 Runners Facts MugLearn More

Eat. Sleep. Race. MugLearn More

Running is My TherapyLearn More


15. Regular Water Bottles

Runners have to stay hydrated, so most of them have a go-to water bottle with them where ever they go. These 2 are my favorite brands.

CamelbakLearn More

I love the straw in it. I also like these because they are durable and I feel like the straw and mouth piece don’t look dirty and nasty when used a lot.

YetiLearn More

Can’t go wrong with a Yeti. It’s true. It really does keep your water cold…like forever!

16. Personalized Gifts

Who doesn’t love a personalized gift? These are some personalized running gifts!

Personalized Running Tags
Learn More

I think these are so cute. They go on your shoe so you can always read and remember a cute saying, or motivation from a loved one. 

Personalized BraceletLearn More

Personalized Charm BraceletLearn More

Medal Rack with BibsLearn More

I think these are so cool! I mean where else are you going to put your metals and bibs? On a display of course!

Medal RackLearn More

17. Protein bars and Running Food

Running food is always nice to have handy. It makes a great gift because they aren’t cheap, so collecting them is they way to go, especially if they’re on sale.

Protein Bars
Learn More

Fuel for FireLearn More

Carb Energy ChewsLearn More

 Another thing you could do is throw a couple of these items in a basket and you have yourself a cute little running gift basket! Do you know a great running gift not on this list? I’d love to hear it! I hope you found this article useful, please share if you did!

Happy Running!

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