The Answer to Why Me_ Does God Love Me_ (2)-min

The Answer to the Question Why Me? Does God Love Me?

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An Experience I had, Why Me?

While running one day, I passed another pair of runners. It looked like they were father and daughter. As I approached them, I noticed that the daughter seemed to struggle a bit. Her breathing and energy seemed fine, but she ran with a hard limp. It appeared that she had a small physical deficiency that made it hard for her to run, especially for long periods of time. As I passed, I waved Hello and they both smiled back.

I thought about them as I continued running and thought to myself, “she’s inspiring “. I’m sure it would have been very easy for her to lay in bed that morning and tell herself that she can’t run, or she’s not physically able to, and she would have been totally justified in doing so, but she didn’t! She challenged herself and here she was pushing herself, with a smile! The whole time I approached them, she was running. Her father was slightly ahead; I assume to be a motivational push.

The Answer to Why Me_ Does God Love Me_ (2)-min

People Inspire Me

She inspires me.

Life can be so rough, for all of us, I think it’s easy to say, why me? I know I do, ALL. THE. TIME.

But instead we should say, why not me?

Why not be the one to inspire, sympathize, empathize, learn, grow, discover ourselves, and appreciate? Isn’t that exactly what happens to us when we are going through our “why me” moments!?

Elaine Cannon once said,

“When we are pushed, stung, defeated, embarrassed, hurt, rejected, tormented, forgotten- when we are in agony of spirit crying out “why me?” We are in the position to learn something.”

I have so many friends, family, and strangers that inspire me and they don’t even know it! They’re probably just trying to make it through their day to day.

Mom’s who can get through the store with a screaming child with their head held high, you inspire me.

Mom’s who take care of special needs children, you inspire me.

The stranger who I saw running on two prosthetic legs at my last race, you inspire me.

Parallel parkers, you inspire me.

Maybe we could look at our “why me?” moments as an opportunity to help others, whether that be in our present or in the future.

Stop Asking Why Me and ask this instead

What to ask Instead of Why Me?

1. What am I supposed to learn? How can this make me stronger?

This is the hardest question, and the question I hate the most. Once I am able to humble myself and stop being mad at God, I ask What am I supposed to learn? God doesn’t want us to suffer, but He does want us to grow and become better. Ponder what you can learn from this trial at this time in your life. If you journal about it and think about it often, you’ll figure it out. Or, just ask Him, “How is this going to make me stronger, what am I supposed to learn from this trial?”

We do this for our children all the time. We let them discover hard things on their own (in a safe environment) so they can learn, grow, and experience it for themselves. Because it makes them stronger, and better able to become an adult in this big world.

2. Who can I help?

Chances are, you aren’t the only one who’s going through your situation. I have often found a friend to open up to and who have then reciprocated with the same situation. They give me strength and courage to keep going, and I them.

Who can I serve? Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in ourselves when we are struggling. Try instead to reach out and serve someone else. You will be surprised how much you learn about yourself and feel better when helping others.

3. What am I learning about myself?

Reflect on how you’ve reacted and dealt with your situation. How are you treating others? How are you allowing God to influence you, or not influence you? How have you responded to what you are feeling? What can you learn about yourself?

4. Can I see God’s hand in my life?

A lot of times we are going through trials because God needs us to recognize He’s there. Has he reached out to you through others. Has he provided that one thing you need, even when it seemed impossible. What are the tender mercies in your life? I know that there have been times in my life when we have been struggling financially. Then, out of nowhere a friend feels inspired to help us out. Coincidence? You could say that, but I don’t think so. Choose to see how God is assisting you in your trial, you might be surprised what you find. How is God talking to you? God is always there, especially when we are struggling.

5. Does God REALLY love me?

It’s so easy to ask this question when life just sucks. We think because we have trials and struggles that God isn’t there. Well, He is. And He loves us. He is our father and we are His children. He gives us trials and struggles so we can become better and live our lives to our fullest potential. He sees your potential. I put this as a question to ask because the next time you question His love for you, sincerely ask Him, “Do you love me?” I guarantee He will answer. Then it will be that much easier to keep going, to stay strong, and to grow. 

It’s so easy to get caught up in the cycle of “why me?” My first reaction when I’m struggling is Why me? Why now? Why this? I believe the more willing we are to learn, grow, and serve, the easier our trials become.

Realize Others Have “Why Me” Moments

On the flip side of this, we should recognize others’ “why me?” moments as inspiration or a person learning and growing instead of being jealous and judgey (like, “she’s got it all together she must think she’s something”). Be kind and then spread the kindness. Rejoice in others success. You’ll get a lot further in life learning from those around you instead of begrudging them.

We are all “something”. We’re all children of God. We are here to help each other out. We’re all here to learn, grow, and become stronger. Go! Keep inspiring, I need you, people need you, and endure well with your head held high.

Why not you?

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