Vegas Shooting: The Real Heroes

Tragedy seems to strike constantly in the world today. Everyday I see something on the news about people hurting other people. It’s just sad, heart-breaking, and depressing. When we all heard about the Vegas shooting, it was no different. I was on the internet for days reading horrible story after horrible story of the trauma people had to endure. You just want to do more for the families who’ve lost loved ones.

Then I came across several inspiring stories of people who were heroes when the tragedy struck. One story really stuck out to me.

A young man, named Taylor Winston, who was a Marine Veteran, drove 2 dozen people to the hospital that night. He was at the concert that night, and when the shooting ensued he started lifting people over the fence to safety. He then ran to a parking lot of trucks and, luckily, the first truck he checked had keys in it. (divine intervention). He started squeezing people into the backseat of the truck and transporting them to the hospital.

What an amazing guy! He would have been totally justified in getting his friends and himself to safety. But he chose to go above and beyond and help people who were total strangers to him, in the middle of a shooting! He is a true hero. I’d hope that if I was ever in a horrible tragedy, I would have his bravery.

You can read more inspiring stories about the Vegas survivors here. 

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