The 4 Best Exercise and Fitness Apps

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Who loves finding a good app that makes your life 10 times easier!?…PICK ME!

Well, I know 4 really good fitness apps that can make your exercise so much easier! I use them daily and they make my diet and exercise a cinch.

The Best Exercise and Fitness Apps

1. My Fitness Pal.

I LOVE this app. It tracks your calories. I know what you’re thinking, “tracking my calories is so My Fitness Pal Exercise Apphard and time consuming”. You would be right, HOWEVER, this app saves and remembers what you put in. So, the first few weeks are difficult, but after that, it’s so easy. You general eat the same stuff, so it’s pretty easy once it’s saved. You can look up anything from fast foot menus to homemade foods. You can even add your own recipes. There are a few apps that count your calories and have the same features, but this one will connect to other apps.I have a workout app that counts my calories, so when I’m done with my workout my gained calories will upload into My Fitness Pal. It’s the best. I have an android, but I hear it also syncs with the health app on the apple watch, if you like counting your steps. You can buy an upgraded version of this, but you don’t really need it for the basics. Buying it just gives you diet reports and access to more details on your nutrition. It’s very user friendly as well.

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2. Map My Run.

I also LOVE this app. I don’t go on a run without it. It tracks my distance, calories, running pace, Map My Run Exercise Appand average pace. It also gives me a map of where I am. The awesome robot lady in the app talks to me at every mile and let’s me know my distance and time. I can pause it while I’m running if I have to stop and stretch or stop at a stop light. Once I’m done running, I can save it and label it, which goes onto my running feed and history. You can look up past runs and repeat them as well.THEN, when I’m done with my workout it syncs with My Fitness Pal so my calories are add in. It’s great! Again, you do not have to buy the paid version. The free one works great.

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3. Diet Bet.

You have to give this app a chance before you knock it. My sister introduced it to me and now my husband is addicted to it. Which is okay by me, he’s losing weight! It’s a losing weight community app. It works by picking a challenge, either lose 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks or 6% in 6 months. You bet the set amount of money, which is a small amount, anywhere from $10-$45. If you meet your goal, you get your money back. THEN all the winners split the pot of the money left behind from all the losers. Last time my husband and I won $20.00.BUT really it’s notDiet Bet Exercise App about the money. It’s a very positive and supportive community. The money is more of a personal motivator, which I like. It’s more of a bonus. I’m not worried about coming out on top, I just don’t want to lose my money. It helped me and my husband get on track and boost us into living a more healthy lifestyle. If you feel STUCK, this is the app for you! You do not have to buy the membership to sign up, but If you do, which is pretty cheap, it includes incentive like getting entered into drawings for gift cards and merchandise. You would also have access to workouts. It’s not a bad price for a chance to win something.

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4. Pandora.

I love Pandora. I live on Pandora. What’s a Radio? You’re probably thinking…”Pandora isn’t a fitness app!?”Pandora as an Exercise AppOh, but it is! Listening to music can make all the difference in my workout. Sometimes it motivates me to get off the couch when I know that I can just listen to my jams and get lost in my run.  The free version of Pandora is great, but the paid version is AMAZING! I highly recommend this. You can make your own playlists and pick any song you want to hear (unless it has uptight copyright laws) and play it as many times as you want. I have a playlist for every mood.


Do you have apps that get you moving? Let me know if you have a go to workout app! I love hearing about new ones.

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