35 Healthy, Fast, and Easy Toddler Snacks for your On the Go Toddler-min

35 Healthy, Fast, and Easy Toddler Snacks for your On-the-Go Toddler

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Healthy, fast, and quick toddler snacks that they will actually enjoy.

I never thought I would come to hate the word snack.

It’s the golden word around our house.

Sometimes I say something that just sounds like snack and my kids perk up like those birds on Finding Nemo: “Mine! Mine! Mine!”. 

They don’t want lunch, but they want a snack. 

They can’t finish their dinner, but they’re hunger 5 minutes after dinner. 

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The food struggle is real, which makes it important to have healthy snacks.

Cause, believe it our not, there are days when it seems that snacks are all we’ve eatin’, or I don’t feel like putting up with the dinner fight, so it’s a snack for the win! 

However, trying to find a good snack for your kiddos, especially toddlers, is a part-time job.

They throw fits, they don’t like it, or they get too used to eating unhealthy snacks!

I have compiled a list of healthy and somewhat healthy snacks we try to eat in our house.

The majority of the toddler snacks require little to no prep work. However, there are a few that require some time, but then can be stored and used for several days.

35 Healthy, Fast, and Easy Toddler Snacks

35 Healthy, Fast, and Easy Toddler Snacks for your On the Go Toddler (1)-min

Apple Cookies

These were a huge hit with my kids. It’s apple slices (sliced like a cookie) with peanut butter and chocolate chips and coconut on top.

My kids love apples and they devour peanut butter like it’s candy.

Here is the recipe by Almost Super Mom

You can add an variation of toppings, suitable to your kids. I like it because it’s like getting some sweetness, without the sugar overload.


My kids love popcorn. You can even buy the lightly salted kind, it’s a lot healthier for you!

Banana Chips or Other Dried Fruit

My kids just recently started liking banana chips. My little boy loves them.

You can also get dried:

Mangoes- These are my favorite dried fruit, and these are my favorite brand.

Heck, you can probably get dried everything. 


Nuts are a good, healthy fat food.


What kid doesn’t like fruit! Fruit does have sugar, but it’s the good, “healthy” sugar. I wouldn’t overload them on it, but it’s still good. Plus fruit has a lot of vitamins in it.

Bananas- My son can eat like 3 a day.


My kids also love raisins. You can also get yogurt covered raisins which are good.

Cheese & Turkey

Turkey wrapped with cheese, or both cut into little square. Or, like my kids like it, just cheese! Cheese cubes are a huge hit in my house.


Veggies always seem to be hit or miss with kids. Fortunately my kids like vegetables.

What I like to do is buy a bunch of fresh veggies, then cut them all up and keep them in a container in the fridge. If they kids get hunger, and it’s not snack time, they can eat veggies. 

Sometimes I’ll even just stick the container on the table and they’ll munch on them as they pass by. If it’s there, they will eat it.

If I don’t cut them up, they don’t get eaten.

Green Peppers
Lettuce/Cabbage (Idk, my kids love it!)


If your kids like hummus, you could have them dip their veggies in it. You could also make a ranch dip. My little boy loves any dip!

Oatmeal muffins

This one takes a little prep work. You can make oatmeal muffins that are healthy.

Keep them in the fridge and heat them up when you want them. Or eat them cold.

This is the recipe I use. I love them, and I don’t feel guilty for eating them. My kids like them. They have to be in the mood for them.

The recipe makes like 20 muffins, so it will last you a good while.



Healthy, dry cereals are always a fan fave among toddler snacks.


You could even do pretzel thins.

Homemade Trail Mix

You could make your own trail mix and make it has healthy or as sugary as you’d like.

I like trail mix because you could add a little bit of sugar to it, without getting the sugar overload.

Here are 28 different trail mix recipes from Captain Decor.

Veggie Straws

My kids love these; I love these. They are starting to come out with different flavors including ranch veggie straws. 


Go-Gurts are the best!

Cooked Pasta

Plain pasta is where it’s at, for my kiddos.

Rice cakes

I love rice cakes, or maybe I’ve tricked myself into liking rice cakes. Regardless, my kids like them. And you can tell your kids its sugar if you get the chocolate ones.

Frozen Yogurt Bites

These look so yummy. I’ve never tried making them, but have always wanted to. I think my kids would love them. Here is a recipe from Produce for Kids.

Peanut Butter Oatmeal Balls

My daughter is obsessed with these. She’d eat a whole bowl of them. They are pretty good and have a good hint of sweetness.

Here is the recipe by Bless this Mess. You don’t have to add the extra energy ingredients, or coconut to make them taste yummy. You could even probably add whatever you think sounds good. 

Yogurt bark

Another recipe I’m dying to try. It looks really good, and I think my kids will love it!

Homemade Fruit Popsicle

Popsicle’s are always a toddler snack favorite.

We bought frozen Popsicle molds so we could always make our own. I like to make crystal light or lemonade and turn them into a Popsicle. 

You could also make real fruit Popsicle with this awesome recipe by A Farm Girl’s Kitchen.

Banana Treat

These little banana, peanut butter, and chocolate banana bites look like an amazing banana treat. A little bit of prep work one day and you’ll be eating them all week.

Fruit leather

My kids love fruit leathers. A great on the go snack.

Banana Pops

These banana pops look amazing! Again, another treat that you can do that isn’t too sugary! I would eat one of these everyday!

Cottage Cheese

My kids are hit and miss with cottage cheese, but a lot of kids like it. You could even try it with some peaches.

Dark Chocolate

A healthier chocolate.

Dark chocolate has been shown to have benefits, in moderation, of course, even in kids! You could get dark chocolate chunks for when they’re having a sweet tooth.


Okay, these may not be healthy, but I like to add them to things so my kids think they are getting a special treat.

I put it in their nuts, or with their fruit.

Apple sauce

My son could drink apple sauce. You can get it in a jar, a pouch, or a cup. We like it all.

Fruit pouches

You can also get other fruits in pouches. They don’t just have baby food pouches, but toddlers as well.

Lunchable snacks

My kids love lunchables. We try not to eat them too much, but they do have lunchable snacks. They are great for when you’re on the go, or in a hurry.

Healthy, easy, and quick toddler snacks-min

Bean chips

A healthier option for chips are bean chips. They’re pretty good. They’re also great if your kid has an allergy.

Homemade granola bars

Granola bars are packed with a lot of bad sugars, but if you make your own, you can leave out a lot of the bad stuff.

Here are 12 different homemade granola bar recipes I’ve been wanting to try.

I need to try them because my kids love granola bars.

Cream cheese veggie spread

You could put this on crackers or french bread. Makes for a nice little snack.


Do your kids like avocados or guacamole? That’s another healthy fat.

It’s great with bean chips.


Just plain ole granola is good, and good on things like cereal and yogurt.

More Thoughts about Toddler Snacks

I hope this lists helps you find toddler snacks that your toddler actually likes AND is good for them.

When you get in the day to day grind, it’s hard to remember what’s out there for them to eat.

I like to keep a list on the fridge of snack ideas so that when they’re asking me for a snack, I don’t have to think really hard or look around forever trying to find something. 

Because we all know once they ask for one, it’s like they’re dying until they get it! 

Good luck, I know the toddler fights aren’t easy!

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