Inspiring Stories: My Story of Infertility

By: Randi Stowe

InfertilityMy husband and I were married for 2 years before we started trying to have a baby. It took four years of trying before we were blessed with our first baby girl.

Those four years were painful living through it, but looking back were exactly what my husband and I needed.

I was sure that I would be pregnant within a few months. First month came, no positive test. Second month came, no positive test. People who were married around the same time were announcing their pregnancy. Every month, I cried. I knew that I wanted to be a mother and I knew I would be a great mother. I knew that it was a commandment to have children. I was just trying to be obedient! I didn’t understand why it wasn’t happening.

This went on every month. Facebook announcements with tiny fingers and toes made me cry. I was happy for my friends but sad for myself.

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One night I was feeling sorry for myself. I was being unkind to people around me. I found a quiet space and got on my knees and prayed, pleaded. I wanted to know why and I needed to know now. After what felt like forever I got the impression “Not my will but my timing also” and I immediately felt at peace.Infertility

It would be 2.5 more years before I saw a positive pregnancy test and doctor’s visits to figure out why we weren’t conceiving. I continually reminded myself of the message I got that night. My phone screen had that quote. I still got sad, baby announcements were still difficult, but I knew that I would be a mother someday.

In November 2012, we were told the reason why. In February 2013, we saw a specialist and were told surgery was the way to fix it. We were trying to figure out how we would pay for it, when to take time off work, etc.

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Three weeks later, I was getting ready for Saturday tutoring. I suddenly realized that my period was late. We were still trying to get pregnant, but I was taking a break from tracking my cycle. It gets tiring doing it for years. I tutored then purchased a pregnancy test. I still remember how I felt when I saw it was positive. After years of seeing negative, I could hardly believe it. I called my husband who suggested I buy a test that actually said “pregnant.” I did, and it was still positive.

InfertilityIn October 2013, our baby girl was born. I have cherished every moment that we have with her. She is my constant reminder that God answers prayers. In November 2016, we had our baby boy. Our two babies are our biggest blessings.

Author Bio:

Baby InfertilityRandi is married to Chris and together they have two children. The enjoy traveling and experience the world through their children’s eyes. Both are educators. Most evenings are spent entertaining the babies and then crashing on the couch to watch TV.

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  1. What an inspiring testimony that God doesn’t slumber. He listens to all our prayers.I am so happy for you Randi and your family for being strong and holding until you got a breakthrough.

  2. What a moving declaration that God doesn’t sleep. He tunes in to all our prayers.I am so glad for you Randi and your family to be solid and holding until the point that you got a leap forward.

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