How to decorate baby nursery

The Ultimate List of Over 100 Ideas for Decorating Your Baby’s Nursery

How to decorate baby nursery

The ultimate list of baby nursery ideas for you to decorate your little boy or girls new nursery.

So I am not very good at fashion and design.

I try really hard to be. I love it, and I feel like I could be really good at it because I’m creative, but I guess I’m not that creative.

The closest I get to design is the interior design app on my phone.

With that preface…

One of the most exciting things after finding out your pregnant is looking forward to decorating and designing the nursery.

I love organizing, planning, and listing, so designing a nursery is right up my alley. I could spend all my time on Pinterest looking up design ideas and dreaming about all the money I need to redesign my whole house.

Tips on Organizing and Designing your Nursery

When it comes to putting together your nursery, there are a few things to keep in mind, that I have learned with my kiddos.

  1. Don’t over-do it.

I know how badly you just want to buy your little one ALL THE THINGS!

But don’t go too crazy.

You might regret buying ALL THE THINGS later.

There are a lot of things people say you need, that you don’t actually need.

Like a changing table. You need a crib, but you don’t really need a changing table, unless you want one!  (You also got to get some of the things you just want)

Once your nesting instincts take over, it’s hard to realize when you might be overdoing it!

It helps if you set a budget and stick to you.

There are also several DIY projects you can do to spruce up your nursery.

  1. Storage.

I got so caught up in the decorating that I forgot to have room to actually store it all. Buy some cute containers, or baskets or shelves.

  1. Don’t forget to baby proof.

Kids get into everything! They may not when they’re 4 months old, but as they get older, they’re everywhere.

They grow up so fast, so knowing and preparing for their safety is good to do from the beginning.

I still get surprised by what my kids get in to.

Some tips on baby proofing your nursery:

Secure the bookshelves to the walls so they can’t fall over. These are some great tools to help you do that.

Dresser drawers should also be secured because it’s easy for the dresser to tip over if all the drawers are open. Kids like to climb on dresser drawers.

If you have a rocking chair in your nursery, make sure it has a stop lock mechanism.

Buy those little outlet covers. Super cheap and easy.

Make sure the crib is set up for safety and that it meets safety requirements:

  • The crib should have fixed sides. There are some cribs that have the one side that slides down for easy access, but these can be unsafe.
  • Make sure all the slats on the crib are stable and have the right size openings.
  • The crib mattress should be firm and flat.
  • Avoid putting stuffed animals, pillows, and tons of blankets in the crib as this could cause suffocation.
  • A fitted sheet, that’s tight over the mattress, is a must.
  • The mattress height should be adjusted as necessary. (I didn’t know this when I first became a mom, but the crib bottom moves up and down. You can have it high when they are little because they can’t stand or get out, but as they get older and start standing, they could fall or climb out real easy. Make sure you lower the mattress as they grow.)
  • Make sure the crib isn’t positioned anywhere near something they could use to climb out.

Avoid hanging heavy items over the crib or anything that might fall into the crib and harm your baby.

One of the best things you can do to make sure your baby is always safe is to buy a baby monitor. This one is my favorite.

It has a camera and a 2-way listening device. I’ve had an old school monitor where you just hear, and I like it much better when there’s a camera.

If you are interested in some more tips about securing your home safely, here is a great article to read.

  1. Consider baby friendly decorations

If you put wallpaper on the walls, try using wallpaper that is easy to wipe. You never know when someone is going to pee!

Don’t get long curtains that are easy for them to reach and pull on.

Blackout shades are good for sleeping during nap time. You can always add a night light.

Keep in mind that white gets dirty fast.

Don’t put any décor in reach of baby/toddler, especially if it’s glass or breakable.

  1. Install a Ceiling Fan

Did you know that having a ceiling fan in your nursery cuts down on SIDS by 72%.

With my anxiety, anything to cut down on SIDS sounds good to me.

With my decorating expertise (which is none) that’s about all the advice I can give about doing a nursery, from my experience. I’m going to leave it to everyone else to put you in the right direction of how you’d like to decorate your nursery.

There are so many options when it comes to themes to decorate your baby nursery.

Some of my favorites are rustic and farmhouse. I also love that Joanna Gaines feel.

If you’re looking to be inspired about how to decorate your nursery, look no further.

The Ultimate Guide for Decorating your Baby Nursery

Gender Neutral

If you’re just going for the all neutral colors theme, these are some great ideas.

Another great reason to do the neutral colors is because you’re waiting to find out the gender.

I like gender neutral because then you can transition the next (if you plan to have multiples) baby into the same nursery no matter the gender.

How to decorate baby nursery

On a small budget

Not going to lie, this is my kind of nursery. We have a small budget, which means a low budget nursery.

However, there are some really cute things you can do on a small budge, especially if you DIY.

How to decorate baby nursery


Speaking of DIY. This article features 40 ideas on how you make a Do-It-Yourself nursery.

I love projects so I always have a DIY in my nursery.

How to decorate baby nursery


One of my faves. I love the farmhouse look. Also, one of Joanna Gaines most popular looks. The farmhouse style is mostly used with steel and wood, age-worn finishes, and streamlined shapes. Whenever I think of Farmhouse, I think of…the farm.

How to decorate baby nursery

Gold and Pink

One of the most popular color combinations today is the rose gold and pink. Very chic looking to me.

How to decorate baby nursery


The rustic style is a design based on rugged and natural beauty. It inspires a lot of nature and earthly colors. I think it looks super cute in a boys nursery.

How to decorate baby nursery


Bohemian style is inspired by culture. People who love the unconventional life. It portrays a lot of vibrant colors. It’s a good mix of the eclectic, hippie, nomad, artist and gypsy lifestyle.

How to decorate baby nursery


Modern style is very clean and crisp. Usually a simple color palette with the use of metal, glass, and steel. It conveys simplicity.

Baby Nursery Decorating Ideas-min

The Simple Nursery

A lot like the Modern Style only…simpler. Usually good if you’re on a budget, or a minimalist.

And Minimalist is a lot like having a simple nursery. Although, I would have to say the difference is a minimalist would have a more functional nursey. Everything has a function and serves a purpose.

There is usually no more than 2 basic colors and lots of shapes.

How to decorate baby nursery

Art Deco

Basically, the art style.

How to decorate baby nursery


You could go with the traditional pink. I always like a pink nursery for a girl, and there are so many different options with just one color.

How to decorate baby nursery


You could also do the traditional blue.

How to decorate baby nursery


Scandinavian style is best described by simplicity and elegance.

How to decorate baby nursery


There is always the traditional way of decorating. It creates comfort and elegance. It usually includes antique pieces, symmetry, and classic art. It can also be rich with history.

How to decorate baby nursery

Hollywood Glam

Hollywood Glam is the luxury look. It’s sophisticated and glitzy. Lots of mirrors, rich fabrics, and metallic. This is not generally my style, but I have to admit, it’s pretty.

This nursery was amazing, but way over my price budget.

How to decorate baby nursery


If you like the coast, the coastal style is for you. It’s rich with ocean hues, sun-bleached white, natural fabrics and materials, and lots of natural light.

How to decorate baby nursery

French Country

French Country contains a lot of ruffles, distressed wood, mixed patterns, and both vibrant and subdued colors. I very much think of the French countryside when I see it.

How to decorate baby nursery

I hope you have felt inspired to create an amazing nursery!

Just remember to have fun with it, and don’t make it stressful!

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How to decorate baby nursery

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