The Best and Worst Baby Products as Told by Moms-min

The Best and Worst Baby Products as Told by Moms

What baby products do you buy? Which baby products will you actually need? Moms tell what some of the worst (or useless) and best baby products are to buy, keep, and what you just don’t need.

When you find out you’re going to be a mom, you want to buy all the things!

Well, there are things that you need, and there are things that you think you need.

I have definitely purchased a product or two that I ended up not using, not needing, or just absolutely hating.

How do you know what products to buy and what products to disregard?

I think the best way to know is just through experience.

Unfortunately, if you’re a new mom, you don’t have any experience yet. At least I didn’t, I was clueless.

And honestly, my mom either didn’t remember, or didn’t have it when I was a baby.

I’ve asked a handful of moms about their favorite baby product, that they just couldn’t live without, and what was the worst baby product they bought or had that was completely useless.

I was (surprisingly) surprised by a few of the answers. There are some products I thought people loved, but they don’t!

The Best and Worst Baby Products as Told by Moms

THE BEST AND WORST baby products-min

We’re going to start with the baby products you may not need first. We’ll save the best for last.

Baby Products you May Not Need

The Diaper Genie

I think we had the diaper genie for about a day, then realized that something else was worth having, so we took it back.

There are so many other ways to keep diapers from smelling up your house without the diaper genie.

The diaper genie can work, but it can be a pain.

  • The container is very small, so you have to take it out constantly.
  • You have to buy special trash bags for it, so cost-wise, it’s the gift that keeps on spending.
  • It can be a pain to operate. You have to shove that dirty diaper into this tiny hole. Make sure there is no poop sticking out.

Just not worth my time or energy.

However, it might be your thing if diapers make you gag.

Pauline at Mama Bear Outdoors and Caitlin at Real Mom Recs agree that the diaper genie just wasn’t a product worth while.

Wipe Warmer

Babies do hate having cold wipes touch them. I mean, who wouldn’t?

But it’s not necessary.

You can warm up wipes in your hands or just use them as they are. I mean, it’s convenient, but it’s not going to kill your baby.

Cold wipes actually help to wake your baby up in the midnight feedings.

Brittany at Beyond Mrs. and Mom says the wipe warmer can often dry up the wipes.

It can also be a pain to operate.

Samantha at Her Journal Blog kept her wipe warmer for a day then sent it right back to the store!

Bottle Warmer

There are so many free ways to heat up a bottle.

The best way to do it is by heating up some water on the stove and then putting the bottle in the water. Just make sure you always check it before giving it to your baby.

Convenient? Yes, but not a necessity.

Changing Table

I was surprised by how many moms including Stephanie at Just as I am Now said this wasn’t something they used because I thought I was the only one.

We never had a changing table and we got by just fine. Why? Because you will literally change your baby everywhere but the changing table.

We ended up just buying a changing pad and putting it on top of the dresser (it was a short dresser), and used it that way.

We only changed my daughter there when we were about to put her to bed, or when she had a big blow out, otherwise it was everywhere else in the house.

Also, once that baby starts moving and turning over, it’s hard to change them on changing table because they could fall off.

We didn’t even have one for our son.

Changing tables are so expensive, and you probably won’t use them as often as you think.

However, there are some moms who love their changing tables, so you might be one of them! Just something to take into consideration.

An expensive bath seat/tub

We got an expensive bath from a baby shower with our little boy, and we didn’t use it once!

The cheap ones, work great, or you can just bathe them in the sink. If you’re looking to save money, an expensive bath is not a necessity. Gemma, Mum off the Map also recommends not purchasing an expensive bath; You can just use the sink.

Small car seats

The best money you can spend is to buy a car seat that converts to all the ages of your baby. The Graco 4Ever comes highly recommend.

We learned this the hard way. We went through 3 car seats with my daughter. They have a car seat just for infants, then another one for when they’re older and can face forward, and then when they are in a booster seat.

They have car seats that will convert with your baby from the time they are born until they are in a booster seat.

This is the ultimate car seat, and I believe, a good investment in your car seat future.

Baby Powder

I have never once used baby powder for my baby.

I’ve used it for everything else…cleaning, hygiene, etc…

You don’t need baby powder. Unless you know of a good use for it, please share in the comments!

Bottle Rack

I agree and disagree with this one. I did not have a bottle rack with my daughter and we made it through just fine.

However, we bought an inexpensive bottle rack with my son, and I loved it. It was nice to have a designated area to have all the bottles and see everything we wanted to use.

It’s more of a convenience, if you like it. You don’t need it.

Wash cloth

Although the baby wash cloths are really soft, you don’t really need a baby cloth. I would usually use my hands or just a regular wash cloth.

However, if you are an avid wash clothier, you might prefer the soft ones.


I have heard of this before, but didn’t really look much into it until a mom said that she didn’t really like it. It’s a bassinet that swivels.

I haven’t used it before, so I’m not sure. Share your opinion if you have used it!

The Best Baby Products that Moms Couldn’t Live Without

baby products that you need in your life-min

Munchkin Formula Mixer

A few moms suggested the Munchkin Formula Mixer.

It’s a great way to mix up your bottle on the go. The mixer is compact and handy enough, and you don’t have to worry about clumps in your bottle according to Tiffany at Everyday Mommy Talks.

I have never used this before. It seems very convenient.

I was always on the go with formula. It could be a nice addition.

Baby Brezza

I didn’t even know this product existed until Cousett, at Techie Mamma recommended it.

This is definitely not something you HAVE to have, but maybe it’s a MUST-HAVE for you.

It’s like a coffee machine for babies.

At the click of a button you can have a warm bottle of formula made, perfectly.

It’s pretty cool, and worth checking out.

Baby carrier

According to Arianna at Diy Vernier Style and Gemma, Mum off the Map good baby carrier is a MUST. There are so many out there that you can use. It really just depends on your preference.

A lot of moms swear by the Moby wrap.

Which is great, but I could never operate the thing.

I always used a cheap, simple one, and it works great. I don’t have to try and figure out how to wrap it around myself, which is perfect for me!

Other carrier’s mommas love:

The Solly Wrap, recommended by Valerie at A Peach in the Queen City

Ergo 360 baby carrier, I think I would love this one because it’s a lot like the one we have.

A Good Bottle

Okay, so this one is hit or miss as well.

If your baby has no issues drinking from a bottle, or indigestion issues, or isn’t colicky, then you could probably use a cheap Parent’s Choice bottle.

However, having a nice bottle is good for babies with acid reflux, colic, gas issues, or if they’re not good at using a bottle.

Jennifer from The Domestic Wildflower uses Stainless steel bottles. This is the first I’ve heard of them. Jennifer recommends the Organic Kidz brand. They’re easy to clean, heat up and they can transform into a thermos when your child is older.

I used Dr. Brown’s Bottles. I thought they were great!

A Good Baby Monitor

We had the worst baby monitor with our daughter. It was a simple two-way monitor, but you could only hear sound. It didn’t reach very far and it only picked up on loud sound.

My friend had a camera one, and I loved it. She could talk through it and see and hear everything going on.

I highly recommend it, especially if you’re paranoid, like me.

Here are a few that moms recommend:

Samantha at Her Journal Blog recommends the Owlet.  Its a sock you can put on your baby that tracks their heart rate, movement, and O2 levels.

You could also try the Cocoon cam, which has a video and monitors breathing.

Planning Accessories

As a mom, you are constantly being pulled different directions. It’s nice to have organization tools to be more productive and not feel like you’re in constant chaos.

Start by using a Pregnancy Planner. Try the Oh Baby Pregnancy Planner, made by moms, for moms!


If you are planning on doing, or are doing, cloth diapers, apparently your best bet is to go with gdiaper.

According to Jennifer from The Domestic Wildflower, you need these in your life if you’re doing cloth diapers. She has a great post about it here.

More power to you if you tackle the cloth diapers. I have never had a desire to do so.

Sleep sacks

Sleep sacks were a hit and miss. Stephanie at Just as I am Now was one of many moms that said they swear by them, but there were a handful that didn’t like them at all.

I guess it is just a preference. Try it out and see if you like them.

I liked them because I could change diapers in the middle of the night without worrying about putting back on, and they can stay warm! Very convenient.

PJs with Zippers from top to bottom

This is another product I didn’t know existed until Lexi from Little Bird Sleeping Consultant pointed it out.

It makes complete sense. If it zips from the top to bottom then you can change their diaper without unzipping them all the way like the zippers that zip from bottom to top. Click here to see them! 


Kristin loves the Windi.

As a Windi user myself, I would have to agree. It’s like magic.

If your baby is struggling with pooping or gas, try using the Windi.

It’s a tool that you use by placing it in their butt hole, and then a rush of poop comes out.

I know it sounds gross, but it really works, and can give your baby so much relief.

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Boudreaux Butt Paste

Who needs Destin when you have Boudreaux’s?

I have used both, and I like both. They both get the job done. However, I believe that if I were to take a poll, Boudreaux would win! Hands down.

Try both out for yourself and see which one you like more.


A good swaddle-r is nice to have. You could swaddle with just about any blanket, but there are some that moms prefer.

Candice at Way South of Alaska recommends a swaddle-r with snaps. 

Caitlin at Real Mom Recs recommends the Velcro swaddle blanket. 

Brittany at Beyond Mrs. and Mom loves the Woombie Swaddle because of its elasticity.

Another mom recommended the Muslin Swaddle Blankets

Beauty Counter Baby Daily Protective Balm

Candice at Way South of Alaska loves the Beauty Counter Baby Daily Protective Balm. Great lotion for babies and for smooth skin.

Diaper Changing Mat

Caitlin at Real Mom Recs recommends having a good diaper changing mat.

I just saw the coolest diaper changing mat. It entertains your baby, while you change them.

I want this for my next kid.

Graco 4-ever car seat

To avoid the “small car seat”, buy the Graco 4ever seat. It grows with your child.

One seat from infant to booster seat.

Bassinet on wheels

One mom used the bassinet on wheels to roll her baby all around her house.

I didn’t even think of a bassinet in this way, but I’m thinking it’s a good idea.

I was always told not to buy a bassinet because your baby out grows it so fast, but if they can fit in it until they’re one and I can roll them around the house, hey, sounds good to me!

If you’re going to buy a bassinet, Lexi from Little Bird Sleeping Consultant recommends the Chicco Bassinet. 

Co- Sleeper basket

Another good sleeping must-have is the co-sleeper basket.

Pauline at Mama Bear Outdoors loves her co-sleeper basket.

It allows you to sleep with your baby in your bed without the fear of rolling over on top of them.

Pack n Play

Pack n Play is one of my favorite products because you can take it anywhere for your baby to sleep…anywhere. It’s great for road trips.

We have the Graco Pack n Play, which we LOVE. It has lasted us going on 5 years now. It’s super sturdy!

Rock n play 

This is also the first time I’ve heard of the Rock n Play. Matti from What the Walters? and Wendy from Learning to Live Outside the Lines both recommend and love the Rock n Play. Remember to read all safety guidelines.

Rocking Chair

Again, hit or miss with this one. Some moms use their chairs daily and others never used theirs. I love my rocking chair. It’s a very basic one. I mean, I wish I could afford a fancy one, but alas.

I love just having the option of rocking, and, apparently, now you can have that option anywhere. I came across a really cool product the other day called the travel rocking chair. You can turn any seat into a rocker.  You should check it out, it’s pretty cool.

Car seat covers

Matti from What the Walters? recommends car seat covers that stretch.

I would also have to second this.

My favorite is this one. It serves as a scarf, a car seat cover, and a breastfeeding cover!

It’s amazing!

AND when you’re done with the baby phase, you can still use it!


Angela thinks the ExerSaucer is great. My mom had one, and it entertained all our babies. It’s great for when your baby wants to sit up, but you can’t hold them in the moment. They can watch you make dinner, or clean the house while they play.

This is the one my mom has, and it’s lasted her 6 years now. It’s great, and so many grandkids have used it.

Another great version of an ExerSaucer is the Rainforset Jumperoo. 


Gemma, Mum off the Map loves the Lansin nipple cream.

I would also second this. I used to use this stuff like it was curing cancer.

It feels so good, and it’s safe on the baby.

White noise machine

We didn’t use a white noise machine, but we did have a little stereo that played music for my little girl to fall asleep, and we did a fan for my little boy.

I highly recommend a white noise machine, so does Samantha at The Mommy Motivator.

Nose Frida

I have never actually used this, but my friends swear by them, and so does Heather.

It works 10x better than the nose bulb.

It might look gross, but everyone says that the baby’s snot never actually touches your lips.

You could also buy the Frida nail clippers to go along with it. It is a lot easier to clip your baby’s nails with baby clippers. Learned that one the hard way too.

Kidsme Self Feeder

Alissa at High Plains Arena used the self feeder to help with teething. You can freeze berries or fruit in it, and your toddler can chew on it. It taste good, and provides relief for their teeth.


Samantha, The Mommy Motivator also highly recommends a swing. I would also agree.

Both our kids loved the swing. My son especially. He loved this swing the most. He’d rather swing side to side than back and forth.

Gas Drops

Mallory at The Chic Gourmay recommends gas drops. I would agree that gas drops are a definite must. They really to help to relieve gas in your baby.

What are some of your favorite products that you can live without? I’d love to hear!

You can find me on Facebook!

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  1. Great list! The only thing I want to point out is that the car seat protector is probably not safe to use with a car seat. Most after market products aren’t unless the car seat company made them. I didn’t know until after I had my first and just wanted to share.

    1. Thank you, and thank you for your comment. It is important to note that car seat companies do deem products unsafe if it wasn’t made by them. This is usually because people can use them incorrectly, which can be hazardous. I would say each parent should use their digression when using these products. I would also be aware of how to use it correctly.

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