New Mom Tips for First Time Moms from Moms Who've Been There-min

New Mom Tips for First Time Moms from Moms Who’ve Been There

Some of the best mom tips don’t come from a book.

The best tips come from the moms who have been there and are there now.

Everyone’s experience is different, so it’s good to get tips, tricks, and advice from all kinds of moms.

Something that works for one will or will not work for another.

I love talking to moms and finding common ground. I try my best to reach out to moms at parks or wherever I am because you can always learn something new and/or unique.

We all have at least 2 things in common: We both have kids. We both know how hard motherhood can be.

Who knows? Maybe that mom at the park just spent the last 2 hours trying to get her toddler to pee in the potty while cleaning up pee from the carpet.

I digress.

What I’m saying is…it’s always good to get advice and insight from other moms because you never know how it can help you. And second, reach out to other moms because you never know who could use the encouragement, even you.

I asked several moms what tips they would give to new moms. Here is a plethora of tips for you!

New Mom Tips from Moms

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“Don’t buy all the things. It’s OK to not have every baby item.

Cribs are great, but a pack and play can do the same thing for a fraction of the price.

Fancy diaper bags are fun but if cash is tight a backpack will do the job.

And always, always keep a change of clothes for baby and yourself wherever you go. You never know when someone’s bodily fluids will require a change of clothes.”

“The saying patience is a virtue will never be more true once you are a mom. So many things will test your patience and you must remember it is all a journey. So take a deep breath, stretch your shoulders, and enjoy the adventure. You’re doing great!”

Trina from Pick Up Your Craft

“Find a group of friends/family members who you think are a good mom and whom you trust, make them your tribe, ask them questions, and encourage them to be honest with you. Then trust them, and take their advice without taking offense. If they tell you that it’s cold and you may want to put on hat on the baby, do it! Then when other people give you unsolicited advice (and trust me, it’ll happen!), you can ignore them. Or at least ask your tribe what their opinion is about it. Don’t let even the well-meaning strangers make you feel insecure, and don’t feel the need to follow what everyone else says.”

Tiffany from Saving Talents

“Make sure YOU are happy. Take time for yourself when you need/want it. Don’t think someone else is doing better. Don’t think you’re doing better than someone else.”

“Buy yourself a sleepyhead! It will save you a fortune in bassinets, small cribs and day sleeping locations for your new baby! It’s basically a small cocoon – that can be placed anywhere… on top of a kitchen counter-top… a larger crib…. in a tent! You name it! Best purchase ever!”

Charlotte from In The Detail Events UAE

“It’s OK to ask for or accept help. It doesn’t make you a bad/lazy/lame mom. You can’t take care of your new little one if you don’t take care of you.”

“Just breathe. All of the gizmos and gadgets you can buy are awesome, but you’re going to do great with or without them, even if you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing. There are no words to explain it except that everything just “clicks.” You don’t even realize it’s happening, but you’re the mom and the answers sort of flow from your fingertips as each day unfolds. It’s magical! So breathe. You got this!”

Mallory from Mom of War Hear My Roar

“Did you know the womb is an average of 100°? So even if you keep your house at 85° that’s still 15 °colder than they have ever felt. Our doctor told us to always have 1 more layer on them than yourself and ALWAYS have socks on them! A comfortable baby is a happy baby.”

“Accept any and all help that is offered! You’re going to want to do everything yourself, but you don’t have to! Just focus on your recovery and your new baby.”

Melody from Dos Mommas

“Pick your battles. Pick your battles. Pick your battles. Even at a day old, pick your battles. If you aren’t willing to see it completely through, it is not worth the fight!”

“Take the time to hide away with your newborn and just do what you absolutely need to – feed, sleep, maybe shower. Don’t feel obligated to see guests, or even family for that matter. Make this time all about your immediate family and/or take any help that is offered. But do not feel like you need to host or entertain people just because you had a baby.”

Kristen from This Routine Life

“You have to take care of you first or everyone else gets what is left over. Not saying that you come first always, but you also need to come first at times. You and your needs are just as important as your kiddos and your husband. Find something for you each day, a shower, a workout, a nap, etc. You deserve at least 30 minutes for you EVERY day.”

“You don’t need all the stuff. As a first-time mom, a lot of the focus goes into getting all the “things” baby needs, partly because we are told to worry about this and partly because we need to worry about something and can’t truly grasp what’s about to come. But as soon as baby arrives, you truly realize how little they need. Just you, food diapers, warm blankets and cuddles. The frills are fun, but don’t stress about getting every single baby gadget out there. Same thing goes for sleep, every baby is different so don’t get stuck on just one piece of sleep advice! Learn who your baby is and go with the flow.”

-Marlene from Life with Mar

“Don’t worry, you’re going to do fine. And when the baby’s asleep, take a nap.”

“When you feel overwhelmed, don’t be ashamed to ask for help.”

Christy from Christy Omolola

“Find good shows to binge since the first 6-8 weeks will be at home in your jammies.”

“Have grace with yourself. Whether you’re breastfeeding, bottle feeding, going back to work, staying home, using a pacifier or not—none of it means that you’re doing anything wrong.

It’s okay to have to handle things differently than you expected, and it’s okay to not always feel giddy about your new role. It’s a messy and beautiful role, and your emotions will probably match. That’s okay! Have grace with yourself and the challenges that will come, and focus on just loving your baby instead of worrying about other’s opinions and expectations.”

Kaylee from Mama and More

“Have no expectations of what “should be”, “needs to be”, “has to be” as every child and parent is different. Lack of sleep is the only guarantee.”

“I would give her [a new mom] a hug and a glass of wine first! Then tell her it will be okay. This is survival mode right now and just take it one day at a time. You will sleep again. You will feel normal again. You will function again. You will be okay! Do what you need to do to get through the days and know that those first three months are the hardest!! Ready for another glass of wine?”

Amy from The Postpartum Party

“Don’t be a butt about asking for help. Seriously, if you act like you have it all together, people will believe you have it all together. Those who love you want to help – ask them for it.”

Chelsy from Motherhood & Mayhem

“You cannot spoil a baby. Always respond to them and hold them as often as they indicate a need/desire.”

“You don’t need to buy a ton of stuff before your baby comes. The most important things you need are diapers/wipes, a few onesies, a couple blankets, coconut oil for your babies tush, and nipple cream (if your nursing).

With my first child I got so many “must haves” that I never used, a changing table, a crib (ended up using a bassinet and co-sleeping), and fancy swing that broke almost immediately. A bouncy seat is super helpful though. Especially if you need a safe place to put your little one while you take a quick shower.”

Crystal from Marching North

“Have faith in yourself. Your mommy instincts are there right from the beginning. You’ve got this. And, if you ever need a little help, ask for it! Behind every woman is a wonderful network of others ready to support her. You can do it, mama!”


Katie from The Merry Katenew mom tips-min

“Ask for help. It is not a sign of weakness it is an act of trust and love.”

“BABY WEAR! Reflux? Strap ’em on. Won’t sleep without you? Grab the carrier. Fussy? Wear that baby. If I’d just stopped struggling and gave in to baby wearing sooner I would have had an easier time.”

Jenn from The Nerd Mom

“If you’re breastfeeding, you should check with your hospital because a lot of them offer free lactation classes after birth!”

Arianna from DIY Vernier Style

“Trust your instincts.”

“Be patient with yourself and the new mama process. It’s normal to feel like you have no idea what you’re doing, but you’ll find your own path. You’ve got this! Also…Have a fully stocked freezer so you don’t have to cook!”

Lauren from Sip Sand Sidebars

“If you are having a difficult time latching on nursing, don’t be afraid to keep asking for help from different people. If a lactation consultant or nurse tells you that it’s really easy or that you’re doing it right when you feel like something is wrong, then find someone else who will listen.”

Tiffany from Saving Talents

“Netflix is great for helping to keep you awake for nighttime feedings, just remember to keep your earbuds and tablet/phone and charger near your feeding chair. Oh and be willing to pause your show when you are done feeding so you can get back to bed.”

“Don’t snack during 3 AM feedings! Take care of your body by fueling it with healthy foods and, eventually, your body will respond.”

Theresa from Full Plate Nutrition 

“Stress less! None of us know what we are doing at first, but it sort of magically happens. You got this mama!”

Mallory from Mom of W.A.R., Hear My Roar

“You are doing a great job! No mom ever knew what she was doing. Don’t beat yourself up over the small stuff. You will naturally have instincts on what to do for your baby and it may be against what others are advising you. Trust your gut! And remember, you are doing a great job especially when know one is telling you.”

Toni-Ann from Real Happy Mom

“Make Padsicles in advance! You might not need them, but you’ll be happy you have them ready if you do need them.”

Marisol from The Productive Moms

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