Portrait of a woman looking very proud of ther daughter while looking at her working on a coloring activity at home

Essential Homeschool Supplies for Engaged Learning at Home

Embarking on homeschooling? Having the right homeschool supplies at your disposal can transform your child’s learning journey. 

From pencils to science kits and musical instruments, our guide is packed with our top picks suitable for every age. 

Portrait of a woman looking very proud of ther daughter while looking at her working on a coloring activity at home

Dive in and discover all the things needed for homeschooling and elevate your child’s education right at home!

Key Takeaways

  • You’ll need curriculum materials, basic stationery, art materials, reference materials, and tech equipment.
  • You’ll also need to create a conducive space to have your homeschool classes. Make sure you have desks, chairs, and organizational supplies.
  • Homeschool supplies don’t have to be expensive. There are several ways to save money on homeschool supplies, including making them yourself or buying used items.

Homeschool Supplies: A Quick Run-Through

Here’s a homeschool supply list that shows all the essential materials for homeschooling divided into five categories:

Curriculum Materials

  • Textbooks
  • Workbooks
  • Educational software

Basic Stationery and Supplies

  • Pens and pencils
  • Rulers
  • Scissors
  • Stapler and staples
  • Markers
  • Copy paper
  • Ring binders
  • Note cards
  • File folders
  • Sticky notes
  • Notebooks
  • Hole puncher

Art Materials

  • Colored pencils and markers
  • Watercolor
  • Construction paper
  • Crayons
  • Glue
  • Sketchbook
  • Paint and brushes
  • Other craft supplies

Reference Materials

  • Globe or world map
  • Periodic table
  • Dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia, atlas

Homeschooling Equipment

  • Printer
  • Computer or tablet
  • Headphones and speakers
  • Laminator
  • Electric pencil sharpener
Kids study reading room or home school class interior.

Homeschool Supplies: Curriculum Materials

The first and most important thing you need for homeschooling is a curriculum. Whether you choose a prepackaged program or create your own, make sure it is appropriate for your child’s age and learning style.


Textbooks provide a structured approach to learning, covering a wide range of topics and concepts.

When choosing textbooks for homeschooling, it is important to consider curriculum standards and learning objectives, as well as your child’s learning style and interests.


Workbooks offer a more interactive and hands-on approach to learning, allowing your child to practice what they have learned.

They also provide a way for you to assess your child’s progress and identify areas that need more attention.

Digital composite of Boy holding books in education library

Educational Software

Educational software can be a great tool for homeschooling, providing interactive and engaging learning experiences for your child.

There are a lot of options available online that you can easily download. Just remember to choose what’s age-appropriate for your child and related to your homeschooling curriculum.

Homeschool Supplies: Basic Stationery

Whether your child goes to traditional school or homeschool, they can’t be without basic school supplies and stationery.

homeschool supplies placed and arrange carefully on a table from writing materials, stationary, rulers, writing materials and more

Here are some homeschool must-have supplies:

Writing Materials

The choice of writing materials largely depends on the age of your child. For young kids, large pencils and jumbo crayons should suffice. Older children can use No. 2 pencils, pens, markers, highlighters, and more!

Copy Paper and Notebooks

Younger kids benefit from primary-lined paper with wider spaces to help them practice their early handwriting abilities.

If your child is already in elementary or high school, you will need different types of paper and notebooks. Choose plain, ruled, and graph paper because these will be used for different lessons.

Index Cards and Sticky Notes

Index cards and sticky notes are great for writing important reminders and summarizing notes into bite-sized, easy-to-memorize snippets. Sticky notes are also great to use as page markers for books.


Scissors are also important in homeschooling. Young kids use them for art and to learn how to cut. Older students use scissors for projects, cutting shapes, and hands-on activities.


A ruler is a fantastic tool for homeschooling at any age! It’s used for geometry and drawing straight lines for art. It’s also handy for making neat graphs and diagrams.

Ring Binders and File Folders

Whether your child goes to traditional school or homeschool, ring binders and file folders are a must. They help keep important notes, tests, or quizzes in one place so they’re organized and easy to find.

Hole Puncher

Hole punchers go hand in hand with your ring binders and folders. The three-hole punchers create neat and aligned holes to ensure your pages fit perfectly into standard ring binders.

Stapler and Staples

Using a stapler is a great way to keep related documents and review materials together. This is especially important when you’re putting together a manual or training guide.

Homeschool Supplies: Art Materials

Integrating art into your homeschool curriculum is a surefire way to enhance your child’s creativity and keep them engaged.

different art supplies from coloring materials, different kinds of papers placed on a wooden table

As such, it’s important to stock up on the following art materials:

Coloring Materials

Crayons, coloring pencils, and colored markers are great coloring materials for various forms of art media, including paper, cardboard, paperboard, and more.

Construction Paper

Construction paper in various sizes and colors can be useful for art projects and even make for more interesting worksheets.

Watercolor, Paint, and Brushes

Painting allows your child to have fun while learning. It also helps improve their fine motor skills and provides them with an outlet for self-expression.


Having a sketchbook is especially useful, particularly for kids who already have an inclination for the arts. 

Glue and Other Craft Supplies

Glue and craft supplies like colored popsicle sticks, glitter, yarn, tape, and stickers are great to have for homeschool projects that require a little creativity! 

Homeschool Supplies: Reference Materials

No homeschool setup is complete without reference materials. These help you find information, look up definitions, and explore various subjects in more depth.

White book rack with many colorful books and small globe on black stand. Back to school, school supplies

These homeschool teaching supplies can include the following:

  • Atlas
  • Almanac
  • Dictionary
  • Thesaurus
  • Encyclopedia
  • World map
  • Globe

Homeschool Supplies: Equipment

In today’s digital age, technology is an important part of any homeschool setup.

Business person working with printer

Here’s a list of tech must-haves for homeschooling:

Computer or Tablet

Nowadays, a reliable desktop, laptop, or tablet is your gateway to a world of information, educational resources, and interactive lessons.

With these, your child can write essays and create presentations. They can also use it to stay organized with schedules and digital tools.

Headphones or Speakers

Headphones and speakers are a must for homeschooling because they help your child hear and understand the lessons better. 

With headphones, they can focus on their work without being distracted by surrounding noises.


A printer is super handy for homeschooling because it lets you print out digital lessons and assignments on paper. 

You can print out your child’s worksheets and other helpful visuals like flashcards and posters.


Having a laminator is perfect if you’re looking to print out learning materials like flashcards or visual aids, which you can laminate so that they’ll last through years of homeschooling.

Electric Pencil Sharpener

Electric pencil sharpeners can sharpen dull pencils in seconds. They produce a neat, fine tip consistently without breaking the pencil lead.

Furnishing Your Homeschool Study Area

The homeschool space is important because it gives a designated area for learning and helps to create a focused and productive environment. 

homeschool study area with colorful chairs, cute designs, organizers and learning materials

Check out these other homeschool necessities:

Desk and Chair

Invest in a sturdy desk and a comfortable chair for homeschooling. They give your child a dedicated space to sit, learn, and do their schoolwork comfortably.

A cute or colorful study desk may help younger kids stay in one place while focusing on their work. An ergonomic chair provides older students with back support during long study sessions.

Storage Solutions

Shelves and cabinets are great for organizing books, supplies, and materials. Consider using a rolling cart for frequently used items that need to be easily accessible.

Hanging organizers can also be useful for storing small items like pencils, markers, and scissors.


Add helpful displays to your homeschool workspace! These are displays that keep you organized and create a productive learning environment for your child.

  • Calendar
  • Whiteboard
  • Bulletin board
  • Motivational quotes

Organizational Supplies

Keeping your homeschool materials organized is key to a successful homeschooling experience.

Here are some organizational supplies you may find helpful:

  • Planners and calendars: Having a planner or calendar can help you keep track of your lessons, appointments, and important dates.
  • Labels and markers: Labels and markers can help you keep your materials organized. You can use them to label your books, binders, and other supplies.
  • Filing supplies: Filing supplies can help you keep your paperwork organized. You can use folders, binders, and filing cabinets to keep your materials in order.

Remember, having the right supplies can make your homeschooling experience more enjoyable and successful. Take some time to evaluate your needs and invest in the supplies that will help you achieve your homeschooling goals.

How To Save Money on School Supplies for Homeschooling

Interior of colorful playing room for toddler

Homeschooling can be an expensive endeavor, but there are many ways to save money on homeschool classroom supplies.

Here are some tips to help you stay within your budget:

DIY Homeschool Supplies

One way to save money on homeschool supplies is to make them yourself. This can be especially helpful for arts and crafts materials, such as paint and playdough. 

You can find many recipes for homemade supplies online, and they are often made from common household items.

Secondhand or Discounted Supplies

Another way to save money is to buy secondhand or discounted supplies. You can often find used textbooks, workbooks, and other materials at thrift stores, garage sales, and online marketplaces. 

You can also check out discount stores and dollar stores for basic supplies like pencils, paper, and folders.

Free Online Resources

There are many free online resources available for homeschoolers. 

You can find free worksheets, lesson plans, and educational games on websites like Education.com, Khan Academy, and Scholastic. 

You can also find free ebooks and audiobooks on sites like Project Gutenberg and Librivox.

Community Resources and Libraries

Your local community can be a great resource for homeschooling supplies. Check out your local library for books, DVDs, and other materials. Many libraries also offer free programs and events for homeschoolers. 

You can also look for homeschool groups in your area, which often have resources and materials available for members to borrow or share.

By using these tips, you can save money on homeschool supplies and stay within your budget.

kids enjoying watching science videos using a white laptop at home

Homeschooling Is More Fun With the Right Supplies!

The right homeschooling supplies are key to fostering an engaging and organized educational environment for your child. 

A well-equipped supply closet not only enhances learning effectiveness but also aids in parental organization and adherence to educational goals. 

Ultimately, investing in quality homeschooling materials is an investment in your child’s academic success and a cornerstone of a fulfilling homeschooling journey!

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