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9 Awesome Gift Ideas for Moms with Anxiety

Use these anxiety gifts for those moms, or people in your life who have anxiety. A thoughtful gift can go a long way.

One of the things about anxiety is that you can lessen it, or overcome it by creating strategies. These can be simple, like breathing or squeezing a stress ball, or on a bigger scale, like planning out a schedule everyday and creating a routine. 

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I used to think I was stuck because I had anxiety. I couldn’t do this, or something had to be this way. However, the more I started putting strategies in my life and choosing to fight back, I realized that my anxiety didn’t have to control me.

Because anxiety is so prevalent in our society today, there are actually several products and “stuff” out there to help.

I have used a stress ball or two to help when I’m feeling anxious.

I have complied a list of anxiety tools that I have used, heard good things about, or want to use in my life.

These are great gifts for yourself, to give to anxious moms, or anyone who is feeling anxious or stressed.

9 Awesome Gift Ideas for Moms with Anxiety

9 Awesome Gift Ideas for Moms with Anxiety (1)

1. Stress alien

I love this thing. I use this at work EVERYDAY. EV.ER.RY Day. I love it. It’s cute and works perfectly for a stressful situation. And I think it’s the only time I thought a Zombie was cute. Try to collect them all! 🙂

I Pop Zombie

Learn More


One thing that I want, and I’m totally stuck is a Squishy. They are so popular right now. I don’t know why but squeezing that thing makes me feel so peaceful and calm. (I might buy one today.)

2. Book or Movie

Who doesn’t love a good inspirational book or movie? You could go even further and put together a basket with popcorn, candy, soda pop, and movie for a little movie night basket for someone.

Some of my favorite inspirational books:

The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon
The Magnolia Story by Jo and Chip Gaines
What I know for Sure by Oprah Winfrey
Hoda: How I Survived War Zones, Bad Hair, Cancer, and Kathie Lee by Hoda Kotb
Girl, Wash your Face by Rachel Hollis

Some of my favorite inspirational Movies:

Remember the Titans
The Greatest Showman
I Can Only Imagine
The Pursuit of Happyness

I have read books before and they have totally changed my life, or have been what I needed to hear at that time in my life. I love feeling inspired.

3. Affirmation poster/cards

Affirmations can do a lot to increase productivity, mood, and happiness. An affirmation postcard is always a fun thing to have, and you can hang it on your mirror, at work, or at your bedside table. A framed quote is also nice to hang in your home. 

Cute Inspirational Quote CardsLearn More

Quote PostersLearn More

4. Lavender

Lavender is natural mood soother. You can buy lavender in lotion, bath salts, candles, bath bombs, almost anything. You could also add some spa accessories in a basket like shaving cream, razors, cute hand towels, soap, body wash, face mask, or finger nail polish. Tell someone to treat themselves to some spa me time. (I’ve used Dr. Teal’s bath salts before and loved them!)

This is a great self care and me time activity from the kiddos.

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Dr. Teal’s Bath SaltsLearn More

Lavender Bath BombLearn More

Aveeno Calming LotionLearn More

5. Journal

Journaling is a great outlet for stress and anxiety, and you can never have too many journals. I am a huge journaler, (I know it’s not a word, but I’m making it one). I have had a journal since 7th grade. It helps me to get all my feelings and worries out, and gain perspective. I highly recommend getting a journal if you’re anxious. 

A good strategy with journaling is to pick a time everyday, when you aren’t distracted by kids, to write out your worries. No matter what you say or what comes out, just write. Let your brain get all your worries out, then move on. (I know it’s easier said then done) The only time you can worry is during those 20 minutes you choose each day. (Again, easier said then done, but try it, and you can create a habit.)

Below are also some great journal prompts that you could include as a gift on a card or listed on the first page of the journal you buy for someone, with a cute note.

This is one of my favorite journals. I like it because it is just small enough (around 6 in X 8.25 in) to take with you in a purse, but it’s also durable. It is spiral, so it’s easy to open and flexible. You can get it for pretty cheap almost anywhere, and in almost any design. Here is a sampling:

Journal NotebookLearn More

Journal Prompts:

Am I happy? Why or why not?
What can I change in order to be happy or pursue my goals?
What are my 5 year goals?
What’s my favorite childhood memory?
What past experience has changed me for the better?
How have I seen the hand of God in my life?
What are my favorite qualities? Talents?
How have I made a difference in other people’s lives?

Gratitude Journal

Another great journal to have handy is a gratitude journal. Being grateful can change our mindset, our perspective, and our overall happiness in life. It can definitely decrease anxiety when we’re living with an attitude of gratitude.

6. Goal Setting Playbook

I have been doing a goal setting planner and I love it. It’s great for self-awareness and knowing what goals you want to set and how to achieve them.

This is a great for someone with anxiety, or for you. Having a plan, self-awareness, figuring out your goals is huge in defeating anxiety and surviving the future.

Goal-Getter PlaybookGoal-getters PlaybookLearn More


7. Planner

I’m a planner and list maker. Having a daily planner to keep track of to-do lists, daily goals, checklists, and organize your life makes for a less stressful life, especially with kids.

Here is my ultimate favorite planner. It has so many gadgets and it’s so pretty. 🙂 It has daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly plan pages. Spaces for notes and to-do lists and an area to plan your goals. It’s great. 

The Day DesignerLearn More

You could also just get a simple planner if you don’t have the money to go big. They work just as great to get your life in order.

Simple Katie Daisy PlannerLearn More

8. Weighted blanket

I have to say that I’ve never tried a weighted blanket myself, but I have heard amazing things about it. A lot of people with anxiety have used it and report it helping. You can read some reviews about it here.

Weighted BlanketLearn More

9. Coloring book

Adult coloring book. Coloring is a very smoothing stress-relieving activity. And really fun. It’s the new thing these days, but it really is fun, especially if someone is artsy. This is another great idea to turn into a basket with some colored pencils, markers, stickers, and throw in a candle or too. 

Adult Coloring BookLearn More

Colored Pencils
Learn More

Bonus: Make Today Happy Daily Goal Sheets

I started implementing a routine in my life that has helped me create happiness and feel good about myself, which is a huge contribute to my anxiety. I created these goals sheets of what I do. They are called Make Today Happy goals sheets. They have really helped me to keep a positive and hopeful mindset, and I believe they are worth checking out!

What tools do you use to relieve anxiety?

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  1. Love this post, full of great ideas.
    The act of giving a gift to somebody is a great way to show that you care about her/him. This in itself is something anxious people would truly appreciate, that they’re not facing the rough moments alone. And for the gift to be truly customized for their needs and is truly helpful, they would remember you forever.

    Thanks for this post.

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