About Me

Motherhood is like a crazy roller coaster: There are moments of thrills and moments of wanting to throw up. 

To put it in a nutshell: Motherhood is hard. 

It’s a roller coaster that never ends.

And, isn’t something you can really prepare for. 

I had a vision in my head of what being a mom would be like, what I would do with my kids, how I’d raise them, and all the things I’d teach them.

It always seemed to be so easy in my head and fun all the time! 

Then I became a mom.

My world did a 180. 

Now I was taking care of this tiny human with no guide book, no sleep, and raging hormones. 

Postpartum depression and anxiety became my norm, and I fell into a pit of loneliness and despair. 

I’ve come a long way since then. I’ve learned coping strategies, became more self aware, recognized my triggers, and relied on my Savior. 

I’ve also learned to enjoy motherhood and be the fun mom, despite my anxiety. 

In this blog I share resources and tips about adjusting to being a mom and the real struggles of motherhood, from pregnancy to postpartum, the anxieties and struggles of motherhood and how to overcome them, and parenting young children. 

I’ve been the anxious mom, the depressed mom, the zombie mom, the stressed mom, the fun mom, and the happy mom. 

I’ve been there and I’d love to share my journey with you, so maybe you can know that you’re not alone, help you adjust to motherhood, and find your own joy along this motherhood roller coaster. 

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A Little MORE about me

Hi, I’m Charlie and I’m excited you’ve decided to stop on my page and share your internet life with me.

I have 2 crazy little people that call me mom, and a hubby that brings me flowers. I love gifs, hashtags, baking, running, crafty things, and new adventures.

I have the capacity to feel 47 emotions in one day, and the insane ability to cry at every kids movie ever made.

I try to live everyday to the fullest while creating the joy in motherhood. On any given day you will find me napping, talking, or spending time with my family.

Please reach out to me and share your story with me. One of my favorite things is connecting with other moms!