Over 100 Colorful Pages of Positive Goodness!

A digital journal that you can download over and over again!

It’s fill-able! So you don’t have to print it, you just download it, save it, and type on it straight from your computer! (You can print it if you’d like)

A month long journey of positivity, but you could keep downloading it and extend it for as long as you’d like!

What’s Included?

  • Learning pages on how to properly apply and use the journal so you get the best out of it!
  • In the journal you will find 30 days of
    • Daily journal prompts
    • Daily Goals
    • Daily Checklists
    • Guided tasks and prompts to help you become more positive
    • Daily Motivational quotes
    • Daily Pondering Questions
    • Daily Advice and tips
  • 4 Lessons to help you learn about how to be positive and why and how to live a positive life!
  • Journaling space
  • A Negativity Assessment- Just how negative are you?
  • Cheat Sheets to help you apply all the things you’ve learned!
    • Get Healthy Cheat Sheet – Make small changes to be healthier and happier
    • Exercise Cheat Sheet – Learn how simple exercise can change your life
    • Sleep Cheat Sheet – Make sleep habits for a happier you
    • Uplifting Reads Cheat Sheet – Uplift your soul daily
    • Affirmations Cheat Sheet-┬áCan’t think of your own affirmations? Don’t worry, I’ve got Plenty!
  • Self discovery questions and lessons to help you discover your purpose!
  • Set life goals

What’s in it for you?

  1. Become more positive! Create habits and routines in your life that will increase your overall happiness and positivity!
  2. Discover who you are and what your purpose is!
  3. Learn how to train your brain to think more positive!
  4. Learn how to use something as simple as affirmations to better your life everyday!
  5. Become more grateful
  6. Learn to love yourself!
  7. Figure out how to enjoy the little things
  8. Learn more about yourself and what works best for you!
  9. Find out if you’re as negative or as positive as you thought you were
  10. Set goals and achieve them
  11. Become Healthier!